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Up till now, the Silesian University of Technology (SUT) has carried out numerous projects under different European Programmes.

64 projects within Framework Programmes (5th, 6th and 7th):
- 5th - 19 projects, 6th – 23 projects and 7th – 22 projects - most of which are completed and approved by the European Commission,
- the University acted as Coordinator in 26 projects and in 38 as Partner
- on the position of Coordinator it acquired 6 Centers of Excellence and 1 Research Potential project
- on the position of Partner/Contractor it acquired 18 RTD projects, 2 CRAFT projects on the position of Subcontractor and 1 Research project for the benefit of SMEs on the position of Coordinator,
- the University was awarded with 13 projects within Marie Curie Grants (including Transfer of Knowledge Actions and 3 Industry Academia Partnership and Pathways and 1 coordination of the International Research Staff Exchange Scheme)
- it implemented 6 Researchers Night Projects.

The overall funding received under the 7th Framework Programme is estimated at 4,7 M EUR.

In 2009, SUT underwent an European Commission audit of three FP6 projects. Auditors approved the implementation of the projects without any remarks. In 2012, three FP7 projects were audited, with reports showing no significant errors.

Other programmes include: 7 projects funded under the Research Fund for Coal And Steel, 30 Tempus projects and many others (eg. COST, EUREKA, ERA-NET, KIC InnoEnegry).
Broad and diverse experience gained during the implementation of those projects makes the Silesian University of Technology a suitable coordinator and partner in European research projects.

The key personnel of SUT includes experienced and qualified researchers; early stage research staff, promising and eager for knowledge, as well as specialists in administration, managing the coordination of projects.
There are specialized and competent units, dedicated to the implementation of projects within the Project Management Center. The Office for International Projects and The Office for Financial Service of Projects handle the administrative coordination of projects and ensure smooth and flawless implementation. The University has also introduced dedicated courses for project coordinators, enabling them to gain knowledge about available funding schemes and rules of participation, as well as the external and internal procedures for project implementation.

With constantly growing infrastructure and staff aiming to be an active creator of European Research Area, the Silesian University of Technology is setting its goals at intensifying international cooperation by participating in Horizon 2020 and other research programmes.
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