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Academic Entrepreneurial Incubator 

The main purpose of this university-wide unit is to support academic entrepreneurship. It cooperates with the Student Career Office and the Science and Technology Park "Technopark Gliwice".

The offer of the Incubator is addressed towards students of all majors, PhD students, young employees and graduates of the Silesian University of Technology.


Phone: +48 32 237 19 85


Central Library 


Phone: +48 32 237 12 69

Student Career Office 

The Office was created by a resolution of the University's Senate for professional activation of students and graduates.

Student Career Office provides students and graduates of the Silesian University of Technology with information on labour market and the possibilities to improve their professional competences, manages the database of students and graduates who are interested in finding a job, helps employers finding qualified candidates for vacancies and internships and offers students and graduates of the University career consulting.


Phone: +48 32 237 20 75

Biotechnology Centre

The main task of the Biotechnology Centre is to organize the cooperation between the teaching and scientific-research groups, as well as to coordinate the interdisciplinary research activities in the field of biotechnology. The Centre conducts innovative research in the field of bioinformatics, medical, environmental and industrial biotechnology.


Phone: +48 32 237 29 06

Centre for Science Popularization

The Centre is a non-faculty organizational unit, operating in the area of promotion and popularization of science and scientific research in cooperation with the fundamental organizational units of the University and research institutes in Poland and abroad.

The main objective of the Centre is to carry out comprehensive information activities in the field of science, addressed towards external institutions.

The promotional activities of this unit include organization of lectures and classes, picnics and science festivals, contests, exhibitions and presentations.


Phone: +48 32 237 18 54


Education and Congress Centre 

Education and Congress Centre is a venue where various ceremonies, conferences and congresses take place. It is a three-storey building, provided with public internet access. The building consists of, among others, lecture rooms, conference rooms, bufet, cloakroom and spacious lounges, ideal for exhibitions or catering purposes.


Phone: +48 32 237 23 66

Prosumer Energy Centre

It is a non-faculty organizational unit of the Silesian University of Technology, responsible for research, developmental, training and service activities in the scope of energy market, including the demand and supply side, targeted at the prosumer, i.e. the active final consumer with its own micro-power installations.


Phone: +48 32 237 14 81

Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre

The main purpose of the Centre is the creation of creative space for the implementation of custom solutions.


Phone: +48 32 400 34 00

Biomedical Engineering Centre 

The main task of the Centre is the organization of cooperation between three Silesian universities: the Silesian University of Technology, Medical University of Silesia and the University of Silesia. Such cooperation is obtained by grouping together the didactic and research teams and coordinating interdisciplinary research, implementation, service, training and promotion activities in the field of biomedical engineering.


Phone: +48 32 277 74 22


Computer Centre 

Computer Centre is mainly responsible for subnet connection via fixed links based on modern technology. The Centre is equipped with the latest network infrastructure.

One of the most important tasks of the Centre is setting up web accounts with the possibility to install one's own website with its own address.


Phone: +48 32 230 76 86


Civil Aviation Personnel Education Centre for Central and Eastern Europe

The main task of this unit is to educate qualified civil aviation personnel at the Silesian University of Technology. It coordinates the cooperation of the University with the Civil Aviation Office and the Silesian Aviation Association in the field of human resources for the civil aviation sector.


Phone: +48 32 603 40 58


New Technologies Centre 

The purpose of the New Technologies Centre is to conduct service activities for other organizational units of the Silesian University of Technology by making premises at the headquarters available and by providing accompanying services related to the administration and technical maintenance of the premises.


Phone: +48 32 237 12 99


Centre for Advanced Security and Defence Technology 

The main activities of the Centre for Advanced Security and Defence Technology include coordination of research, development and implementation conducted at the University for the defence industry, advising on the establishment of scientific and industrial consortia, conducting organizational and information activities on data protection and intellectual property protection, within and across the defence industry.


Phone: +48 32 237 16 46


Project Management Centre 

The Project Management Centre is responsible for the coordination of research, education and investment projects management, providing support to project managers for the design and verification of applications for project co-financing, monitoring and control of the implementation of project schedules and budgets, as well as improving project managers' knowledge of project management.


Phone: +48 32 237 19 98


Geometry and Engineering Graphics Centre 

An inter-departmental organizational unit of the Silesian University of Technology, responsible for conducting research and didactic activities on numerous study majors in the scope of subjects related to theory and practice of geometric projections, computer graphics and learning technology.

The Centre focuses on creation of new methods of geometric space mapping and their application in engineering practice.


Phone: +48 32 237 26 58


Sports Centre 

The Sports Centre teaches physical education. Students have the possibility to choose to attend classes in several sport facilities. Available sport disciplines include volleyball, basketball, table tenis, aerobics, judo, skating, swimming and many more.


Phone: +48 32 237 17 05


Foreign Languages Teaching Centre

An inter-departmental unit, whose main purpose is to conduct classes in foreign languages (English, French, Italian, Russian and Polish for foreign students). The Centre is a licensed TELC and Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris examination centre.


Phone: +48 32 237 13 69

Silesian University of Technology Press 

The main purpose of the Silesian University of Technology Press is to publish in the form of science notebooks and scripts the academic and didactic background of the University's employees.


Phone: +48 32 237 15 02

Engineering Education Centre


Phone: +48 32 429 57 07

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