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College of Social Sciences and Foreign Languages College of Social Sciences and Foreign Philologies


College of Social Sciences and Foreign Philologies was established in November 2016 by merging the College of Foreign Languages and the College of Education, two units existing within the University since 2010 and 2013 respectively. Over 20 years of their educational activity in Gliwice, they influenced the development of their own brand, recognized by its high educational standards, associated with solid preparation at professional level.

The new unit, which now functions as a faculty, continues the best traditions of both Colleges. Thanks to the long-term experience and effectiveness, commitment of past and current executives and recognizing the potential of students and employees, Faculty creates the prospect of continued and effective growth.

The College of Social Sciences and Foreign Philologies educates both full-time and part-time students in the fields of Philology and Education.

Form of studies, including theoretical modules and practical vocational training, fosters continuous development and, through cooperation with institutions in Poland and abroad, enables:

- Students exchange, as well as their active involvement in classes and training,

- Improvement of employees' qualification through participation in training and workshops,

- The use of units’ infrastructure (workshops, laboratories, libraries),

- Undertaking activities to improve the quality of education,

- Co-organization of conferences,

- Planning and implementing projects.

Particular attention should be paid to activities in the area of scientific self-development, publication and promotion of individual achievements, as well as the continuous sharing of knowledge and experience.



- Philology

- Education



College of Social Sciences and Foreign Philologies

Hutnicza 9-9A
44-100 Gliwice

Tel.: +48 32 400 39 52

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