Dear International Students,
If you have any questions regarding enrolment for Polish classes, please contact the Admission Office or:


Enrollment in language groups for full-time and extramural  students
of 1st and 2nd cycle will be carried out according to the instructions on the SJO ( Foreign Languages Centre) website:

To enroll in a group, the student is obliged to participate in the organizational meeting on the day and at the time of the scheduled classes by 'clicking' on the link to the virtual room ( or Microsoft Teams) given for their field of study.

After being informed about the enrollment criteria and participation in courses, the student is obliged to fill in the enrollment form for the language group, which will be discussed and made available during the meeting - the presence of students at the organizational meeting is obligatory!

For the purposes of enrolling in a language group, the student uses their student identification number assigned by the university in the recruitment process. This unique number is the basis for assignment  to a particular language group. The lists will be placed on the SJO website (and sent to Faculties individual Student Service Offices).

Information about assigning students to particular language groups and where the next language classes will take place (group symbol, the teacher’s name, link to the online meeting) will be placed on the SJO website on the day preceding the scheduled language classes.


Please be informed that pursuant to Resolution no. 46/2020 of The Rector of The Silesian University of Technology of 11 March, 2020 – uniform text as of 13 March concerning prevention of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) among the academic community resulting in the suspension of classes on The Silesian University of Technology campus, Foreign Languages Classes will be conducted with the use of E-learning Platform of Foreign Languages Centre ( Platforma Zdalnej Edukacji Studium Języków Obcych).
1.Group representatives are asked to contact their teachers by email to obtain the course name and the access key, and share this information with their groups.
Please send emails from the domain:
Teacher’s email addresses at domain can be found on the website: Foreign Languages Centre ( Studium Języków Obcych)  in the tab:  Language Sections (Sekcje językowe).
Timetable will also be useful in the tab: Teachers (Nauczyciele).       Please “click” RJO5 Studium Języków Obcych ( foreign Languages Centre), next Gliwice or Katowice respectively and all Foreign Languages Centre teachers will appear on the screen.
In case you cannot find the information, please ask section managers for help:
1st English Section Manager : mgr Iwona Rocznik
2nd English Section Manager: mgr Iwona Gałązka
The manager of German, Russian, Polish as a Foreign Language, Romance Languages  Section: mgr Grażyna Kubarska
2. After receiving the Course Name and the Access Key, every student / doctoral student logs in E-learning Platform of Foreign Languages Centre (Platforma Zdalnej Edukacji Studium Języków Obcych)
The link to E-learning Platform of Foreign Languages Centre (Platforma Zdalnej Edukacji Studium Języków Obcych) can also be found at the website: Foreign Languages Centre (Studium Języków Obcych), in the main menu,
or on E-learning Platform (Platforma Zdalnej Edukacji ) main website: numbered 16 Foreign Languages Centre (Studium Języków Obcych).
The method of logging in is the same as in other Platforms of The Silesian University of Technology.
The logging method is available on the main website of the Platform:
3. After logging in E-learning Platform of Foreign Languages Centre (Platforma Zdalnej Edukacji Studium Języków Obcych) every student chooses: Foreign Language Section they attend, their Teacher's name and course name for which the student signes up with the access key.

4. After signing up for the course every student / doctoral student actively participates in the language classes on-line.

We wish all students, doctoral students and teachers effective language classes via E-learning Platform.
Foreign Languages Centre Teachers





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