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Faculty of Civil Engineering of Silesian University of Technology as one of the few universities in Poland gives the possibility for studying in English. Specialty of Structural Engineering had been opened in 2005 as a response for growing needs of international building companies working on Polish market and intensification of foreign students exchange.

Implementation of Civil Engineering course in English was pioneer in the scale of Polish country. Curriculum was created in the cooperation with other technical universities under the auspices of the EUCEET organization, where Faculty of Civil Engineering of Silesian University of Technology played one of leading roles. Exchange of experiences gave the possibility for creation of modern, compact and universal curriculum, from the beginning adjusted to the requirements of the Bologna Process.

Until recently Silesian University of Technology as the only university in Poland offered the possibility of free studying the Civil Engineering in English. Despite of start of similar courses on other universities SUT still plays a role of the leader. This is determined by the eight-year experience and still growing number of students choosing this specialty. Course is also favored by obligatory, semester professional practice, which could take place abroad. This practice allows for better preparation to the profession, and through the contacts with industry, creates opportunities for finding the job after graduation. Another distinguishing features of the bachelor course is a form of so called integrated projects, where students are solving complex, multidisciplinary engineering problems.

The main advantages of a provided system of studies in English at the Faculty of Engineering are

  • exchange of traditional school teaching into the individual studying with ability for choice of optional subjects,
  • learning by solving problems, rather than teaching,
  • simultaneous development of professional skills (know how) and teaching the theory and problems (know why).

Faculty do not stops on the way to improve the quality of CE English course. Actually every fourth students comes for other country. Agreement with VIA University College gives the possibility for gaining the double Bachelor Diploma.

For now Faculty gives the possibility of studying in English on two levels: Bachelor (engineering) and Master.

On the Bachelor degree students are receiving a basic education, including theory and practice of designing and erecting of all kinds of buildings, including the civil and industrial structures, bridges and geotechnical engineering objects. In the first semesters of studying, students are gaining the theoretical knowledge of the basic subjects. In subsequent years, this knowledge is practice oriented, with the elements of reinforced & prestressed concrete, steel, masonry and timber structures, geotechnics. During this period, students are individually preparing the projects of various subjects, including the civil and industrial structures, geotechnics, road communication and bridges. Projects are performed under the supervision of the Department experienced staff.

Two years master degree allows for continuing of studies at three main diploma profiles: Civil and Industrial Structures, Geotechnic and Uderground Structures and Bridges. Graduates of the specialty Structural Engineering are prepared mainly for the work in design offices and the research centers related to the structures. Real life shows, that alumnus are gaining the work also in other branches of civil engineering industry.

Attention: subjects not elective by mobilty students: Foreign Language, Building Law and Regulations, Sports.

Please check out files below for further information about English Courses (information valid only for academic year 2017/2018):

winter semester summer semester
BSc Level
Structural Engineering - ( about )
1 ( read ) 2 ( read )
3 ( read ) 4 ( read )
5 ( read ) 6 ( read )
7 ( read ) 8 ( read )
MSc Level
Structural Engineering - Civil and Industrial Structures - ( about )
1 ( read ) 2 ( read )
3 ( read )  

The subjects in Polish course with English language lecture:

winter semester summer semester
BSc Level
Soil mechanics
( read )
Structural Concrete Design
According to Eurocodes
( read )
MSc Level
Social Communication
( read )
Advanced and Applied
( read )

Information about Faculty of Civil Engineering:

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