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The Silesian University of Technology is one of the very few higher education institutions in Poland where foreign students have a chance to study Civil Engineering in English. The Faculty offers academic programmes (courses) at all three levels of study: bachelor, master and doctoral.

Undoubtedly, a major advantage of this course is the obligatory professional practice, lasting one semester. It provides students with the opportunity to prepare for their future profession and, through contact with the industry, offers a possibility to find job after graduation.
Another distinguishing feature of the bachelor course are the so-called integrated projects, in which students have to solve complex, multidisciplinary engineering problems.

The main advantage of the Faculty's system of study is the transition from traditional school teaching into individual studying programme, with the ability to choose optional subjects. The Faculty does not stop on its way to improve the quality of Civil Engineering course in English. Nowadays, almost one fourth of our students are foreign exchange students.

On the Bachelor degree, students receive basic education, including theory and practice in terms of designing and erecting all kinds of buildings, such as civil and industrial structures, bridges and geotechnical engineering objects. First few semesters of study focus on theoretical knowledge and basic subjects. In subsequent years, classes are more practice-oriented and concentrate on elements of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, steel, masonry and timber structures, as well as geotechnics.

Three-semester master degree provides an opportunity of further studies on one of three main diploma profiles: Civil and Industrial Structures, Geotechnics and Underground Structures and Bridges. Graduates of the Structural Engineering major are mainly prepared for the work in design offices and the research centres related to structures.

All necessary information, a full list of programmes and application instructions are available on the website:

International Academic Exchange Department Coordinator:
Szymon Dawczyński, PhD,
e-mail: or

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