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Office: ul. Akademicka 5, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
Phone: +48 32 237 2873

Head of Department:

Prof., PhD, DSC
Joanna Bzówka

Department of Geotechnics and Roads is one of the six at the Faculty of Civil Engineering within the Silesian University of Technology. At present, the Department of Geotechnics and Roads employs 21 persons including 20 research and teaching academics ( list of employees ).

The department has well-equipped specialist laboratories that give possibility to test physical and mechanical properties of natural soils, mine waste materials or materials for construction of road pavements. Moreover, the department has an equipment for in-situ soil testing, geodetic measurements and also advanced computer software for numerical simulations. Research and teaching academics are mainly specialized in:

  • Laboratory and in-situ soil testing and results interpretation
  • Analyzes of soil-structure interaction problems
  • Design foundations on weak and/or compressible soils
  • Geodetic measurements

The results of research conducted by the Department's staff are consistently published in top peer-reviewed international journals (over 300 publications over last 5 years) and presented at national and international conferences.

Students trained by the Department's staff have the opportunity to participate in lectures, laboratory classes and project exercises taught in Polish and English.

The Department’s staff have an active contact with design offices and contractors which allows to organize several yearly thematic lectures and technical meetings.

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