Studies at the Silesian University of Technology

Studying at the Silesian University of Technology is an opportunity to collaborate with a number of companies willing to employ graduates from our university. The university offers its students the possibility of foreign travel scholarships to one of 100 universities in Europe. The Student Self-Government supports the students with advice and assistance, including the organization of various events: „Igry”, balls and numerous student concerts.

The Biomedical Engineering studies at the Silesian University of Technology stem from the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science where students have specialized since 1969 in domains lying on the border of technology and medicine.

It has been possible to study Biomedical Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology ever since 2007. In 2010 the first recruitment to the Biomedical Engineering studies has been conducted at the newly created Faculty of Biomedical Engineering. The first Biomedical Engineering students have already graduated (with the degree of Bachelor of Engineering Science) and most of them continue their education in postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Two scientific circles are available for students under the course of studies where they are encouraged to develop projects on the basis of their own ideas.

For more information, please, refer to contact details of the biomedical engineering studies at the Silesian University of Technology.

Studies at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

The Faculty is divided into four Departments:

I.    Department of Informatics and Medical Devices, headed by prof. Ewa Pietka

Presentation of the Department

 II.   Department of Biomaterials and Medical Devices Engineering, headed by prof. Jan Marciniak

Presentation of the Department

 III.  Department of Biomechatronics, headed by prof. Marek Gzik

Presentation of the Department

 IV.  Department of Biosensors and Processing of Biomedical Signals, headed by prof. Ewaryst Tkacz

Presentation of the Department


Studies have two stages - at each stage several specialisations are offered. At the full-time I-degree (BSc) Biomedical Engineering studies, you can choose between the following specializations:

  • Medical Informatics and Equipment,
  • Medical Products Engineering.

Specialisations at the full-time second degree (MSc) Biomedical Engineering studies are the following:

  • Informatics in Medicine,
  • Electronic Medical Equipment,
  • Sensors and Biomedical Information Processing,
  • Engineering of Manufacturing Implants, Hospital and Rehabilitation Equipment,
  • Biomechanics and Medical Equipment.

Classes are held among others at the:

  • Silesian University of Technology,
  • Clinical Hospitals of the Medical University of Silesia,
  • Radiological laboratories,
  • "REPTY" Upper Silesian Rehabilitation Centre,
  • Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze.

 Information about the subjects taught is available  here.


Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

ul. Roosevelta 40

44-800 Zabrze



Phone no.: +48 32-2371520 

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