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Dear Sirs,

We have the honor of inviting of you for the participation in and of the international scientific conference under the title:

"Education and business"

which will take place on October 25, 2018, in Katowice, Poland.
The event is organized by the University College of Social Sciences and Foreign Languages of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. We hope that the issues discussed during the meeting, which are extremely important in today's dynamically changing reality, will initiate subsequent editions of this undertaking and will allow creating a common tradition of cyclical meetings.

The subject of the conference is an attempt to look at the mutual relations between the sectors of educational institutions, business and future employees, the presentation of good practices and the search for new solutions that can be introduced in this area.
The formula of the conference, in addition to the classical presentation of speeches and discussions, will also have a practical dimension. During our meeting, we want to develop useful solutions that have a chance to work in practice, hence we suggest using the Design Thinking strategy, which creates space for active and creative searching for solutions for the beneficiaries of the system - employees, entrepreneurs and the education sector.
We propose the form of a "free lectern" to determine the topics worthy of a solution, and then to use the Design Thinking process to best understand the examined problem for the needs of users/recipients, and in the final part to construct a prototype solution.
Examples of issues that are certainly worth further analysis will include
This includes looking for answers to the following questions:

  • How to optimally design strategies for the flow of information between business, education and future employees?
  • What can we do to effectively adapt education programs to the specific needs of business?
  • How to educate today so that the resources of learners meet the requirements of tomorrow?
  • Is Education 3.0 - personalized learning based on the creation of a learner's own learning experience an optimal solution for business and the education sector? How to implement it?

      We hope that the conference will be an inspiration to develop both theoretical solutions and proposals for their application in practice, will serve the exchange of views and experiences between domestic and foreign academic centers and the business sphere.

      Below we present more detailed substantive areas, which we propose in this year's edition of the conference. They will, in our opinion, allow each of the participants to choose the scope of issues closest to their research or professional interests. The proposed thematic sections will concern the following substantive areas of research:


Social sciences and humanities for business - a question about the sense
and place of humanities in modern business

Problem areas:
Current status – the place of social sciences and humanities at technical universities - experience of different countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia).
The role of social sciences and humanities from the perspective of representatives of technical sciences.
Contemporary transdisciplinary challenges - globalization, sustainable development
- RRI (Responsible Research and Innovations), Industry 4.0.
Modern status of science and technology in society and relations between social sciences, humanities, and technology (open science, citizen science).


Language education for the needs of the business - a sine qua non condition for the existence and development of modern business entities
Problem areas:
General and specialist English as a global business language.
Competences of a specialist language teacher.
Integrated teaching of specialist language.
CALL and MALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning, Mobile Assisted Language Learning)
in academic language education.
Sustainable development and the concept of language education.
Developing soft skills and teaching foreign languages for business needs.


The "human face" of modern business
- facts and myths of corporate social responsibility today

Problem areas:
The role of education in creating a socially responsible business.
Corporate strategies in the field of social responsibility.
Companies and the situation of disadvantaged environments; the context of employment of disabled people, their development opportunities in the company, comprehensive solutions in this area.


Education for business and business for education
- how to create a common space for achieving common goals

Problem areas:
Dual studies: synergy of academic education with practical professional experience, perspectives, and challenges.
Alternative education programs: academic didactics and development of practical competencies and the quality of education at Polish universities.
Education programs at universities and their adequacy to the needs of the changing labor market.
Cooperation between science, business and administration sectors and the impact on the development of innovative areas of the national economy.
Scientific activity in the academic and business environment - horizons of opportunities for young scientists and an opportunity for economic development based on innovation.
Career counseling in the area of education - support and counseling for the needs of the individual and the labor market.


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