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BA Philological Studies
The College of Foreign Languages offers intramural BA philological studies in three language programmes: English, French and Italian. Apart from intensive language courses instructed in the language of the programme, such as Practical Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Conversation and Writing, BA philological studies comprise such teaching components as Linguistics, Literary Theory, History of Literature, History and Culture all of which are taught during the three years of study.

BA Specializations
Each of the programmes is divided into two specializations: ‘Foreign Language Teacher Training’ and ‘Business and Translation’. After completing the first year requirements, students select one specialization; its respective courses are taught during the second and third year of the BA cycle. Students also complete their BA projects within their chosen specializations.

‘Foreign Language Teacher Training’ specialization
It is addressed to those who wish to pursue their future professional careers as teachers of foreign languages. Aside from the foundation courses listed above, this specialization includes courses in general Psychology and Pedagogy (these two are instructed in Polish), Methodology of Teaching English, together with the Internship scheme. It is also possible to gain double qualifications of Joint Honours with additional foreign language teacher training specialization. The Joint Honours are granted after completing an extended additional foreign language module together with a component of Methodology of Teaching the chosen additional language.

‘Business and Translation’ specialization
It is addressed to students who are interested in combining their language competence with business-related careers. Teaching components offered within this specialization are, aside from the foundation courses listed above, the components of Theory and Practice of Business, Foreign Language in Business, Translation (general and for special purposes), together with work placement scheme.

Language of Instruction
Majority of courses are instructed in the language of the programme with the exception of general courses (IT, Latin, Physical Education, General Psychology and Pedagogy).


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