About the Faculty


 The history of The University College of Foreign Languages:

 * 1990 – Teacher Training College of French was founded in Gliwice

* 1995 – second specialisation: Italian language

* 1996 – third specialisation: English language

*2008 – the College moves to new campus at 37 Bojkowska Street

*2010 – the beginning of the transformation process of Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages

into The University College of Foreign Languages at the Technical University of Silesia

The University College of Foreign Languages at the Technical University of Silesia is an organ of the

Technical University of Silesia and as such it is under the direct of supervision of the Rector.

It was founded by the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education from 14th September 2011,

as a result of which the Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages in Gliwice became

transformed into the organ of  the Technical University of Silesia.

The College offers three types of B.A. studies, namely: 

  • French Philology
  • Italian Philology
  • English Philology

 Their specialisations are: 

     * Foreign Language Teaching

     * Translation and Business  

Each B.A. course lasts three years (six semesters), during which: 

  • students who specialise in Foreign Language Teaching

acquire theoretical knowledge as well as the competence enabling them to teach

the language they study in nurseries and primary schools

  • students who specialise in Translation and Business gain theoretical knowledge

and competence enabling them to translate texts from the fields of trade,

banking, science, law and finances

 The courses can be intramural or extramural.

 After finishing their studies, the students have to pass the B.A. exam.

After that they can continue their studies at the M.A. level at a chosen university.

 In order to popularise the languages and culture of the English-, French-, and Italian-speaking countries,

the University College of Foreign Languages at the Technical University of Silesia organises French Spelling Contest

as well as French and Italian Days combined with the festiwal of songs and theatre in both these languages.

It also organises the Open Days every spring. During these special days secondary school s

tudents can visit the College and get acquainted with its education offer. The workshops

to which we invite secondary school students demonstrate the variety of unusual methods of learning

a foreign language, show the richness of the culture of other countries and proce

how joyful the learning process can be.

 The students of the College have at their disposal a rich book collection in the Library. The collection comprises

books (over 14 000 volumes), magazines and audio-visual materials (over 1100 voumes) in five languages:

Polish, English, French, Italian and Spanish. In the Reading Room students can also use computers with Internet access. 

 The College is situated in the New Gliwice campus and it is located in the building where the Director of the no longer

existent mine used to have his Office. 



Within their specialization, graduates of the The University College of Foreign Languages

at the Technical University of Silesia acquire knowledge and interpersonal skills,

as well as develop social and psychological competencies.

They also possess the need and the ability of permanent

self-education, which they acquired in the course of their studies.

They are able to inspire others and participate in their learning process.

They are conscious of the social role of the graduate of the humanities.

They are able to adjust themselves to the dynamic, changing, flexible and international job market.

Thanks to the practice they had during the studies they are aware

of the competitiveness of modern job market and can meet their employers’ expectations.

Apart from being active members of democratic Polish society, our graduates -

thanks to their studies, during which they became acquainted with

a multidimensional aspect of intercultural competence – also contribute

to the creation of the European community.

The qualifications of the graduates of The University College of

Foreign Languages at the Technical University of Silesia

meet the standards of education, current legal regulations and the requirements

of the Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area.

Within the field of a chosen language specialization, the graduates reach the C1 level of language competence,

in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, in public, personal,

educational and professional areas. In response to the requirements of a contemporary job market,

they also posess the command of the second chosen language on the B2 level of language competence,

in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The graduates of The University College of Foreign Languages at the Technical University of Silesia are not only

excellently-educated humanists, but they are also able to make practical use of the knowledge of contemporary

multimedia that they acquired during their studies. Namely, they can use it in foreign language teaching

(Foreign Language Teaching specialization) and in the translation work (Translation and Business specialization)  



The University College of Foreign Languages is a unit of the of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, offering B.A.

programs in Modern Languages and Letters in three subdisciplinary areas: English, French and Italian.

Within each of these areas, students are educated in either of two available specializations:

·         Teaching English/French/Italian as a Foreign Language

·         English/French/Italian for Business and Translation

The specialization programs are supervised by Heads of Specialization, reporting to the Director of the College.

The collective governing body of the College is the College Council, consisting of the Director of the College, its Deputy Director,

Associate and Full Professors for whom the University College of Foreign Languages is the primary employer,

the Representative of Junior Academic Faculty of the College, Representatives of its non-academic personnel,

as well as a Representative of the Student Body (The President of the Student Government of the College).

Heads of Specialization are responsible for the coordination of work within the frames of specializations they respectively supervise.

The organizational structure of the University College of Foreign Languages is graphically represented in the following chart:



                             Senato Rettore



                                     College Council Director of the College College Secretary’s Office



                                                        Deputy Director


                                                     Heads of Specialization




          the English Language                       Specialization:                        Specialization:

                                                                the French Language               the Italian Language

                    ↓                                    ↓                    ↓                       ↓                                   Taching      Business and               Teaching           Busines and              Teaching    Business and

 Program      Translation Program      Program           Translation Program   Program    Translation Program








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