"Organization and Management"



Articles published in the "Organization and Management" Quarterly examines widely understood topics in the study of management, where priority is given to publications presenting research results or relating to current problems of academic managerial issues and modern management concepts. The stamp of approval for the journal’s contents is done by the Scientific Council.


Authors are asked to use the following rules in publishing articles:

  • Article may be no less than 20 000 characters (not counting spaces),
  • Article should be sent in two separate files:
    1. The main document that is prepared using the Article Template which is in accordance to the guidelines given in the Additional Publication Guidelines, including:

      - Name(s) and surname of the author(s), their affiliation,
      - Author’s Title in Polish and English,
      - An abstract (max. 100 words) in Polish and English,
      - Key words in Polish and English,
      - Contents of the article in Polish or English,
      - Captions of figures / tables in Polish and English,
      - A bibliography.
    2. Information about the author (authors)

      - name(s) and surname of the author(s)
      - current place of work,
      - Position held,
      - Nationality,
      - A brief biographical note indicating the area of ​​academic interest,
      - e-mail address, phone number, address for correspondence.

To facilitate the work of both the authors and editors, an Article Template has been prepared which should be used while writing the article. It includes example content based on the required editorial guidelines. Insert the material in the appropriate places while maintaining the format and style shown in the template.

The Editor kindly asks the authors to submit articles directly to: oiz@polsl.pl

According to the guidelines of the MNiSW (Ministry of Science and Higher Education), Organization and Management’s editors expect disclosure of information by issuers who have contributed to the publication (contribution of knowledge, material, financial, etc.). Ghostwriting* and guest authorship** are deemed as misconduct. Any detected cases will be exposed, including notification to the relevant agents (institutions employing the authors, societies, associations, academic editors, etc.). In this same notice, the journal’s editors declare that all forms of misconduct, particularly breaking and violations of rules of ethics in force in science and research will be documented.

In order to ensure transparency and disclosure of the data sent, the authors are requested to sign and return this given declaration to the Editorial Board correspondence address. This statement includes a declaration of consent for the publication of full articles free of charge on the website of the "Organization and Management" Quarterly, and in the databases of academic journals with whom the journal’s editors cooperate. These are necessary prerequisites for publishing an article in the Quarterly.


* Ghostwriting occurs when someone has made a substantial contribution to a publication, without disclosing his participation as one of the authors and without mentioning his role in the acknowledgments of the publication,

** Guest authorship (honorary authorship), occurs when a person who is declared as an author has a minimal role or hasn’t taken any part in contributing to the publication, yet they are mentioned as the author/co-authored of the publication.



Article Template                Additional Publishing Guidelines          Author’s Declaration



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