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Procedure for reviewing articles submitted
to the "Organization and Management" 


The procedure for reviewing articles submitted to the
Organization and Management Quarterly has been based on the recommendations presented in the brochure of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education titled Good Practices for Review Procedures in Research, Warsaw 2011. This paper is used as guideline for the editorial board, the reviewers and also for those who cooperate with the editors of the Organization and Management Quarterly, aiming for the highest ethical and moral standards, as well as the reliability of the reviews.

All submitted articles which meet the formal requirements outlined in the information for authors section of the website for the Organization and Management Quarterly are given an identification number. 

By decision of the Editor in Chief or Vice Editor in Chief, articles are submitted for review to two affiliated reviewers who are outside the parent unit, ie. outside the Silesian University of Technology, according to the double-blind review process, whereby the identity of author(s) and reviewers are not know to one another.

If the submitted article is written in Polish, it will sent to two reviewers in Poland. If the article is written in English, it will be submitted to two reviewers, where at least one of the reviewers must be affiliated with a foreign
institution and have a nationality other than that of the author’s.

Articles are sent to reviewers by email (PDF format). Reviewers prepare a review within
3 weeks from the date which the email was sent.

All reviews are prepared in written form in Polish if the reviewers are local, or in English if the reviewers are foreign.

The reviewer shall issue an opinion about the article and will complete a Review Form, which will end with one of the following statements:

- The work is suitable for printing without change – the article is submitted to the Editorial Committee and is awaiting publication. The author* is notified of the planned date of publication
by e-mail;

- The work will be suitable for printing after taking into account the remarks contained in the opinion – The Editor sends the review sheet by e-mail to the author for making corrections in accordance with the comments of reviewer / reviewers. Author(s) have
1 week to incorporate the corrections and send the revised article by e-mail to the Editor;

- The work requires
complementary or additional research - proceed as above;

- The work is not suitable for printing - in this case the Editor in Chief disqualifies the article or, if the other review is markedly different, forwards it to another (additional) reviewer.

The reviewer shall send a review by email to oiz@polsl.pl, in an unsecured file doc (docx) or PDF. The file name should include the article identification number assigned by the editors (eg. Review_1-2012.docx). The review may not include a signature or any data that identifies the reviewer.

A necessary condition for forwarding the manuscript to be printed is to obtain two positive reviews. The final decision to print the article is taken by the Editor in Chief on the basis of the reviews and comments contained in them, and on the final version of the article provided by the author(s).

Articles which are non scientific in nature do not require review and are qualified for printing directly by the Editor in Chief of the Organization and Management Quarterly.

Rules on acceptance or rejection of the publication and the review form are available to the public on the website of the
Organization and Management

The names of reviewers of individual publications / issues are not disclosed. In the last issue of each year, and on the Organization and Management’s website, a list of the regular reviewers is shown.

* In the event of multiple authors published, all correspondence is between the editor and the author submitting the manuscript. 



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