Economic, social and civilization challenges in the globalizing world

organized by:

Faculty of Organization and Management at the Silesian University of Technology
St. Petersburg Mining University (Russia)

The purpose of the conference is to exchange the scientific and research experience connected with the globalization processes, in particular, with the problem of resource and energy security in the contemporary societies, rational natural resources management as well as natural environment protection, economic, social and ecological risk assessment, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in mining industry.

Date and place: 21st of September 2018, Faculty of Organization and Management at the Silesian University of Technology, Zabrze, Poland (the international part of the conference is organized in a form of videoconference, but all guests are gladly welcome at Faculty of Organization and Management in Zabrze).

Important dates:

  • 30.04.2018 – sending an application form via e-mail to: izabela.jonek-kowalska@polsl.pl
  • 30.06.2018 – sending papers in English, compliant with the formatting requirements attached in this invitation, via e-mail to izabela.jonek-kowalska@polsl.pl (concerns the participants interested in publication)
  • 31.08.2018 – sending reviews to participants submitting papers
  • 31.07.2018 – payment for the conference
    ING Bank Śląski SA O/Gliwice 60 1050 1230 1000 0002 0211 3056 with annotation “MEET 2018”
  • 15.09.2018 – sending the multimedia presentation
  • 21.09.2018 – the conference
  • 30.09.2018 – sending back the reviewed papers

Further details:

Click to download monograph with presented papers



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