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The increase in the variability of the manufactured product range forces companies to look for opportunities to improve the flexibility of the production process and intensively develop cooperative ties. This is particularly important in the context of contemporary concepts such as Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory. The development of enterprises has been oriented towards the automation of production, integration of IT systems, comprehensive improvement of quality and productivity as well as more effective use of human capital. At the same time, the importance of professions associated with planning, implementation and management of production as well as maintenance in production and service enterprises is constantly increasing, which is related with high demand on the labor market for managers and specialists in this field. It is expected that enterprises will increasingly be looking for employees able to integrate unique knowledge and skills in the modern approach to planning and implementation of the production process with taking into account technical, organizational, economic and social aspects.

The MANAGEMENT of PRODUCTION SYSTEMS (MPS) specialty was created to provide students with the most up-to-date knowledge, practical skills and competences in this area. Studies at the MPS specialization are a good choice for people who want to learn how to solve engineering problems creatively. The specialization prepares students for professional work in the field of broadly understood organization of production and operational processes. Moreover, for students who are planning scientific development it creates opportunities for comprehensive education combined with research work and practical implementations.



The MPS specialty is recommended to students who tie their future with work in modern industrial enterprises adapting to the requirements of Industry 4.0. The specialty emphasizes the transfer of knowledge and skills, among others, in the organization of production and operational processes, resource management, optimization of production and maintenance costs, as well as the use of IT tools in the enterprise. In addition to technical knowledge, students also acquire the necessary comprehensive knowledge and skills regarding organizational, economic and social issues
as well as legal aspects of functioning of enterprises, which is a significant advantage over other engineering fields of studies. A graduate of the MPS specialty is characterized by understanding the mechanisms of functioning of production processes occurring in enterprises, and is also prepared to take innovative initiatives and decisions related to running a business. A very important advantage of these studies is therefore a comprehensive education, which guarantees the necessary preparation for management and work in interdisciplinary teams in manufacturing and service enterprises, industrial laboratories or consulting and design offices. During this studies it is transferred the engineering and managerial knowledge along with practical skills in this area.




A graduate of the MPS specialty gains theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of:

·         General engineering and managerial knowledge in the areas of:

o    Informatics, Information technology and Internet technologies

o    Basics of databases

o    Basics of business management

o    Introduction to techniques and basics of production engineering

o    Technical mechanics

o    Materials

o    Engineering graphics and computer aided engineering work

o    Basics of metrology

o    Basics of machine science

o    GIS systems in industrial environment

o    Production and techniques processes

o    Management of production and services

o    Automation and robotization of production processes

o    Operation of technical systems

o    Basics of engineering design

o    Logistics in an industrial enterprise

·         Specialist knowledge in social sciences in following areas:

o    Social psychology and sociology of organizations

o    Business ethics

o    Macroeconomics and microeconomics

o    Human capital management

o    Economic law and intellectual property protection

o    Accounting and cost accounting for engineers

o    Fundamentals of finance

o    Marketing

·         Specialist knowledge in engineering and technical sciences in following areas:

o    Ecology of natural resources and environmental protection

o    Corporate environmental management

o    Quality management in industrial enterprise

o    Security management

o    Machines and technological devices

o    Flexible production systems

o    Design of technological processes

o    Diagnosing and monitoring of technical systems

o    Artificial intelligence methods in engineering applications.

Classes within the MPS specialty are conducted in modern lecture and training rooms and laboratories:

  • Laboratories for modeling, numerical simulation and engineering graphics
  • Laboratories for noise, ergonomics, materials and mechanical engineering                       

  • Drones, 3D printers, virtual and augmented reality and many others.                               



Study trips to manufacturing enterprises, that are leaders in implementing innovative solutions, technologies and work organization related to concepts like Industry 4.0, Internet of Things or Smart Factory, are planned during the studies at the MPS specialization. There are also meetings with representatives of these enterprises aimed at learning about the latest concepts and trends in the organization and management of production processes as well as new technologies and innovative solutions applied by modern enterprises. These meetings are also a good opportunity to talk about potential employment and cooperation in the field of scientific research and didactics. In particular, it applies to internships and engineering projects implementation. 


As a part of the studies at MPS specialization, there is also the opportunity to broaden knowledge and implement own scientific, organizational, artistic and other ideas in FanTech Science Society, functioning at the Production Engineering Cathedral which supervises Management and Production Engineering in Zabrze.





As a part of the MPS specialization, graduates are prepared to perform manager and qualified specialist functions in manufacturing and service enterprises.




Graduates of the MPS specialization will be ready to take on challenges and implement innovative initiatives in modern industrial entities in the aspect of such concepts as: Industry 4.0, Internet of Things or Smart Factory. Therefore, they will be prepared to work in:

  • production enterprises
  • service enterprises
  • research and development centers
  • industrial laboratories
  • consulting offices
  • design offices
  • international organizations.


Graduates of the MPS specialization can find different kind of job, working as:

  • managers and production specialists
  • managers and maintenance specialists
  • specialists and consultants in the field of computer integrated management systems
  • internal auditors
  • specialists in industrial laboratories.


WHY IS IT WORTH STUDYING AT MPS SPECIALTY?                                      

  • Graduates merging unique knowledge and skills, integrating technical, organizational, economic and social issues related to the stages of the production process cycle, have a competitive position in the work market guaranteed.
  • Graduates successfully combining engineer and manager competences are searched for in the national and international work market in the country and abroad and they have an interesting and well-paid job,
  • Enterprises are and will be looking for specialists and managers in the field of comprehensive production and maintenance planning, implementation and management.oraz utrzymania ruchu.



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Management and Production Engineering

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