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    Artificial intelligence methods are a very actively developing area of science. It derives directly from computer science and mathematics. Nevertheless, the applications of artificial intelligence methods can be found in almost every scientific discipline. It is astonishing to observe, for example, how deep neural networks often outperform the best algorithms developed by humans. This shows the huge potential of the development of artificial intelligence methods. On the other hand, investigating why artificial intelligence methods outperform competitive techniques has an undeniable impact on our deeper understanding of problems, so that it is also possible to achieve a significant improvement in results in classical methods. The Silesian University of Technology conducts research in the theoretical area as well as applications of artificial intelligence methods in various tasks. An example here can be, among others application of artificial intelligence methods in optimization problems, construction of decision and quality systems, authentication of people, and natural language processing.

    The area of knowledge, also dynamically developing, is undoubtedly bioinformatics. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits that a better understanding of the functioning of living organisms can give... (more)
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