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Power generation sector is the crucial industry shaping the socio-economic system. Protection of the environment and mitigating climate change are priorities for moving towards sustainable growth. In this respect, the Silesian University of Technology is active in a number research fields, where the main sub areas are:
  1. POB6.1 Climate and environmental changes and reduction of air pollution
  2. POB6.2 Water and wastewater management and environmental biotechnology
  3. POB6.3 Circular economy
  4. POB6.4 Renewable and alternative energy sources and prosumer energy
  5. POB6.5 Innovative technologies and sustainable development
  6. POB6.6 Education for sustainable development and shaping environmental awareness
  7. POB6.7 Problems of degradation and revitalization of areas
  8. POB6.8 Energy efficiency and energy management
  9. POB6.9 Energy storage and hydrogen energy
  10. POB6.10 Shaping the internal environment and intelligent buildings
  11. POB6.11 Strategy for sustainable development of energy and gas energy
Energy sector is a dominant factor influencing global climate changes with significant impact on pollution of air, water, and soil. ... (more)
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