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Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Open enrolment for Santander Scholarships

Scholarships give an opportunity to acquire not only valued competences, but also certificates that will help you stand out in the labour market. In 2021, the support and selected projects are aimed at students, graduates, as well as anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in personal development.

Those who are interested in the new Santander scholarships under the theme "#LifelongLearning "can apply here:

- Santander Tech | Digital Reskilling Scholarship - Ironhack – there are 300 scholarships for people who want to improve or develop their skills in web development and programming technologies or are planning a career in the field of the digital economy.

You can apply until 25 March 2021 at 11 pm via the website:


- Santander Language Scholarship | English courses - British Council – LearnEnglishSelect English language e-learning course that focuses on developing practical skills needed in the working environment. Recruitment via the English Courses - British Council website is open until 14 April 2021 at 11pm;


- Student Nobel Prize - a competition organised by the Independent Students' Association. Students will compete in 9 categories (scientific, artistic and social) for a prize of PLN 5,000, funded by Santander Universidades. The competition aims to recognise the best students and to increase their chances of making it in the world of science and business.  You can apply until 31 March 2021 at 11 pm via the website


- Santander Development Scholarship | European Banking Certificate EFCB 3E UEK - 50 places for students and graduates who are thinking about a career in banking. The project offers 20 hours of preparatory course conducted by the Department of Banking and Global Financial System at the Cracow University of Economics and funding up to 100% for the EFCB 3E European Foundation Certificate of Banking exam.

Enrolment continues until 21 March 2021till 11 pm via the website



- Santander Universidades Family Business Academy - a series of online meetings with entrepreneurs representing Polish family businesses for 200 students and graduates. During the online meetings, issues related to setting up, managing and developing a family business will be presented. Speakers will also talk about unusual career paths that they have chosen. The event is organised by WSB  University in Wrocław. You can apply until 31 March 2021 till 11 pm via the website:


- Santander Development Scholarship | Digital Competences - 20 places for students who want to explore digital competences in Excel, SQL language and Business Intelligence. Participants will additionally be able to strengthen the skills of effective communication in teams, where the key role is played by people who transform and analyse data to make business decisions. The project is organised by Wrocław University of Economics and Business. Recruitment continues until 31 March 2021 at 11pm. via the link:


For more information, visit, a platform dedicated to new calls for scholarship projects carried out in cooperation with the most prestigious academic centres in Poland and the world.


Since 2002 the Santander Group has committed more than €1.8 billion to academic initiatives through the Santander Universidades programme and has awarded more than 430,000 scholarships and grants since 2005. Corporate social responsibility activities, which include support for education and a sustainable economy or counteracting gender inequality, are firmly embedded in the bank's strategy and form an important integral part of the implementation of the Responsible Banking agenda at Santander Bank Polska

If you have any further questions, please contact:

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