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Friday, March 19, 2021
Success of scientists from the Silesian University of Technology in M-ERA-NET2 competition

The research team under the supervision of Professor Magdalena Barbara Jabłońska became one of the winners of the competition organised by M-ERA.NET 2 network, financing research in the field of materials science and materials engineering.


The NanoBainControl project: "Accelerated nanobainitic transformation in low-alloy steels shaped in multistage forging processes" was developed by researchers under the supervision of Professor Magdalena Barbara Jabłońska.  Works will be conducted together with partners from Germany and Poland. - Participation in the competition was the result of our shared experience, research plans in the scope of the project subject matter and discussions conducted with partners with whom we have been cooperating for many years, i.e., Institute of Metal Forming TU Bergakademie Freiberg, led by Professor Ulrich Prahl (project coordinator) and a team from AGH Department of Metal Forming, led in this project by Professor Marek Wojtaszek, says Professor Magdalena Barbara Jabłońska.


 -As a result of some sort of brainstorming, conducted during our informal teleconferences, we noticed the benefits that may be brought by the application of modern solutions in the area of IT technology and process automation can bring, as well as by the recent achievements in the field of thermoplastic processing in manufacturing of forged products from economic steels with nanobainitic structure. The aim of the project and the necessary scope of research to achieve it have been formulated, which can be implemented thanks to the synergy of our research centres, she adds.


The NanoBainControl project concerns the development of an online computing system, the so-called digital twin of the forging process, which will control in real-time the furnaces, the robot-manipulator, the press and the measurement system, leading to the production of steel forgings with nanobainitic microstructure using forging heat. The project was ranked high (fourth) in the competition. As indicated by Professor M. Jabłońska, the systematic and joint preparation of the project application, a clearly defined goal and a coherent research plan translated into a high position and the decision to finance the activities.


 - The possibility to implement the project for the entire Consortium is of great importance in terms of the scientific development of individual team members, as well as broadening the research spectrum, by retrofitting and upgrading our unique experimental devices and developing a new research methodology.


We also count on an interesting scientific adventure, fruitful cooperation with partners and exchange of experience, not only through scientific discussions but above all, through joint action and solving specific research problems - emphasises the researcher.

Created: Friday, March 19, 2021 2:12 PM, by: Katarzyna Wojewódka
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