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Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Changes in the University operation due to COVID-19

Due to the epidemic situation and introduced restrictions, the rules for the operation of the Silesian University of Technology will be changed from 22 March 2021.

The changes refer mainly to the accessibility to the University facilities. Access to University premises is mainly allowed to the following individuals: the University employees on duty; persons preparing materials for distance learning; persons accommodated in student residence halls and other facilities (under the terms and conditions specified in a separate ordinance); persons performing construction works connected with investment and renovation tasks, as well as those handling the consequences of technical failures; individuals performing necessary laboratory tests that require the works to be conducted in the University buildings; and other persons whose presence is justified for the operation or interest of the University.

It is recommended to use e-mail correspondence and telephone contact, as well as internal university mail. The internal university mail will be collected and delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Performance of work in the premises of the Silesian University of Technology should be in a form of employees’ duty hours. Heads of organisational units determine the schedule of the employees’ roster. Individuals performing remote work, perform it in accordance with the specified rules.

Employees who do not have the opportunity to perform their work remotely shall perform it on-site with the preservation of the sanitary regime principles.

Please become familiar with the full content of the Rector's Ordinance No 45/2021 of 19 March 2021 amending the Ordinance on the principles for the University operation from 01 October 2020.

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