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Thursday, November 08, 2018
One of our researchers contributed to the detection of serious errors in D-link routers

Błażej Adamczyk PhD Eng., from the Institute of Informatics at the Silesian University of Technology during his research has detected and published serious software errors in a total of eight models of D-Link routers, allowing for remote control over them.
The researcher detected three security errors which could jointly lead to take control over routers. Combining all of them allows remote execution of arbitrary code in various devices. This means that a computer hacker can literally do everything with a dangerous device - from changing the configuration and the possibility of further attack of the internal network, through the use as an intermediary server and construction of a "botnet" network, even eavesdropping of the network traffic (including internal traffic of LAN network) along with registering passwords and redirecting calls.
This discovery by Błażej Adamczyk PhD Eng. is widely commented in many major international portals dealing with network security. The company that produces D-link routers is already developing and implementing patches in the software.

See here for more information.

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