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Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Successful visit in Shanghai

Vice Rector for Science and Development of the Silesian University of Technology, Professor Marek Pawełczyk, and the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Anna Timofiejczuk, participated in the Silesian Voivodeship Mission to Shanghai.

During the visit, an agreement between Silesian University of Technology and the School of Mechanical Engineering of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University was officially signed.  Our university cooperates with Shanghai Jiao Tong University for several years now, due to individual contacts. It has developed significantly since 2016, and at the turn of September and October this year, 8 of our researchers went for a month-long internship. This agreement brings possibilities of much broader cooperation both in terms of scientific research and student exchange for many faculties of the university.

Another cooperation possibilities for our University may arise from visits at Shanghai International Studies University and Shanghai Normal University. A significant part of the visit was also the meeting at Shanghai Ranking Consultancy – an agency responsible for the so-called Shanghai list of universities (Academic Ranking of World Universities) and disciplines (Global Ranking of Academic Subjects),  especially considering the meeting with the manager responsible for those rankings and her colleagues.

“The available materials show that the Silesian University of Technology currently occupies 993rd place [in the ranking], which is also the 10th place among Polish universities, and 4th among Polish technical universities. Our position is very high in several disciplines, and the available information will allow us to take measures to increase the level of scientific research and recognition of the Silesian University of Technology in the world.” – said Professor Marek Pawełczyk, Vice Rector.

Our delegation also participated in the One Belt & One Road fairs, concentrating on the strategic project of the Chinese government dedicated to the reactivation of the Silk Road.

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