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Monday, October 09, 2017
Interdisciplinary CEEPUS Summer School in Silesian University of Technology
CEEPUS Summer School participants

On September 18-27, 2017, six international, interdisciplinary CEEPUS Summer Schools took place in Gliwice, all focusing on one joint project: “Interdisciplinary Approach in Shaping Sustainable Public Space”.

One of the fundamental objectives of summer schools, organized in one place and time, was interdisciplinary integration and the development of teamwork in groups consisting of people specialized in different fields of study. Participants from each of the schools had the task to plan and shape public space of the University’s campus, each approaching the problem according to one’s specialization, also taking into account the needs of other schools.

Participants of each of the schools had their own directional classes, but also participated in common lectures and workshops, which gave them the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the project, as well as the necessity of an interdisciplinary and team approach to this type of projects.

Another important goal of summer schools was the international integration and developing teamwork skills, while communicating solely in English.

The schools had a rich program consisting of lectures, tours and workshops, the aim of which was to broaden the knowledge in the fields of: management of critical infrastructure, safety engineering, ergonomics, use of innovative building materials and techniques in creation of urban space, urban-architectural design, control of mechatronic systems and broadly understood engineering design.

One of the most interesting parts of the program was a discussion about functional materials of the future, energy production, intelligent constructions and buildings, use of virtual reality in various scientific fields, 3D printing in civil engineering and characterization of feelings in the design process. Interdisciplinary workshop groups have also prepared interesting, visionary solutions for crossing the Kłodnica river on campus area – for example in the form of a cable car stretched between the faculty buildings of the University.

Participants also had the opportunity to verify their theoretical and practical knowledge while working in the University’s laboratories, as well as during their visits in the Fiat factory and Motion Control Center.

It is worth mentioning, that the Silesian University of Technology was first to propose such an interdisciplinary, novelty form, which gained the recognition of the national Office for CEEPUS Program, PhD students and lecturers. Organizers of the schools hope, that the cooperation established during the event will provide various interesting collaboration opportunities for our institution and befriended young scientists, who will become ambassadors of the Silesian University of Technology in their home countries.

Participants of this year’s schools included over 50 PhD students and academic teachers from Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Poland, Macedonia, as well as lecturers from Spain and Sweden.

The School was organized by an international team, which consisted of Professor Marcin Adamiak (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Tomasz Bradecki, PhD (Faculty of Architecture), Joanna Bartnicka, PhD (Faculty of Organization and Management), Katarzyna Tobór-Osadnik (Faculty of Mining and Geology), Marcin Stępień, PhD (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Marcin Górski, PhD (Faculty of Civil Engineering). Several scientific-didactic employees of the aforementioned faculties, as well as few invited foreign guests took part in the organization of classes.

The whole project was coordinated by Project Management Center, together with International Relations Office and bursar’s office.

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