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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Online conferences concerning Priority Research Areas - we encourage your active participation

As part of the Excellence Initiative - Research University programme, the Silesian University of Technology intends to accumulate potential and significantly expand both internal and external cooperation within the six Priority Research Areas (POB). For this purpose, POB Coordinators were appointed (Ordinance No 217/2020).

We kindly invite you to our online conferences dedicated to every POB separately. The names of Coordinators for the Priority Research Areas and the conference dates are provided below:

• POB1 - Computational oncology and personalized medicine: Prof. Joanna Polańska,
5th November;
• POB2 - Artificial intelligence and data processing: Prof. Paweł Kasprowski, 28th October;
• POB3 - Materials of the future: Prof. Przemysław Data, 3rd November;
• POB4 - Smart cities and future mobility: Prof. Grzegorz Sierpiński, 4thNovember;
• POB5 - Process automation and Industry 4.0: Prof. Anna Timofiejczuk, 29th October;
• POB6 - Climate and environmental protection, modern energy: Prof. Sebastian Werle,
27th October.

Particular conferences start at 2 p.m.

The programme of each conference includes:

- discussion on the scope of a given POB,
- presentation of all identified substantive sub-areas of a given POB,
- open discussion with conference participants from the University Community and cooperating entities, in particular with the interested members of the Social Council and the University Council.

The conference will result in:

- updating the substantive scope of POB (in November 2020),
- identification of people and research groups,
- verification of the candidate list for members of the international POB advisory team, representing a balanced share of all sub-areas,
- establishment of a POB development plan (in December 2020), as well as undertaking a number of joint activities at regional, national and international level, enabling dynamic development of all substantive sub-areas and creating opportunities for the development of an individual career.
An open conference, addressed to the broadly represented socio-economic community and scientific partners is planned to take place in April 2021, with the participation of media, in a hybrid form or online, in the event of sanitary restrictions.
In May 2021, the Silesian University of Technology Press will submit monographs summarising our potential in POB, in particular, scientific and research achievements and developed technologies.
We kindly ask you to actively participate, even in conferences concerning several POBs, join the discussion during the conference, be active in POB and cooperate with POB Coordinators, also in the organizational field, to ensure the proper flow of information, as well as to take advantage of all opportunities. The relevant information was provided to the Deans, Directors of Institutes and Centres, as well as to the Presidents of Discipline Councils.

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