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Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceFACULTY OF AUTOMATIC CONTROL, ELECTRONICS
                                    AND COMPUTER SCIENCE


The Faculty employs 39 professors and associate professors, over 200  assistant professors, assistants and lecturers. The Faculty collaborates with companies operating in different fields of industry. As a result, numerous projects of  our researchers have been successfully implemented and different companies participate in the education process through student industrial placements as well as supervising the students’ theses and organizing training courses where certificates of competence are conferred.

The Faculty carries out research  into automation, robotics, system analysis, signal conversion, analysis, synthesis and system design, electronic and telecommunications systems, microelectronic technologies, digital signal conversion, theoretical and applied computer science, software, databases, design and construction of  computer equipment, basis and techniques of  creating computer networks.

The Faculty has had outstanding achievements in scientific research, both theoretical and practical, as well as research and  development projects. These include:
- the formulation of new steering algorithms (adaptive, predictive and changeable), significant contribution to the creation and modification of the existing methods of adjuster design
- the opening of the Signal Process Laboratory, the Specialized Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory, the creation of the FUZZY-FLOU system, which is used in the decision making process, drawing up and implementation of the steering system for the sheet metal etching process at Columbus Steelworks in the RSA
- the creation of program modules which guarantee the safety of information in computer systems, modules for hospital computer systems, systems of vocal communication with the computer for the blind user, an algorithm visualization system, the computerization of town councils.


- Institute of Automatic Control
- Institute of Electronics
- Institute of Informatics


- Automatic Control and Robotics
- Biotechnology
- Electronics and Telecommunication
- Informatics
- Information and Communication Technology
- Automatic Control, Electronics, Telecommunication and Computer Science (in English)


Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science

Akademicka 16
44-100 Gliwice

Tel.: +48 32 2371310

Dean: Professor Adam Czornik PhD, DSc

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