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Faculty of Civil Engineering     FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING


There are 22 professors and associate professors,  and 86 Philosophy Doctors (PhDs) employed at the Faculty. The Research and Development activity of the Faculty comprises all fields connected with civil structure design, building materials and technologies, transportation engineering and infrastructure: development of the theory of structures, reinforced-concrete, prestressed-concrete steel and timber structures, framework building, particularly those exposed to the effects of mining subsidence, testing of soil, foundations and structures, solid body mechanics and mechanical system dynamics in a non-classical approach, scientific basis for exploitation, renovation and conservation, new techniques in bridge construction, exploitation of bridge structures in areas exposed to mining subsidence, transportation infrastructure design and construction, including the development of the theory of pavements and soil improvement techniques in mining subsidence areas, design, construction and exploitation of town infrastructure including the infrastructure subjected to mining subsidence, testing of durability of materials and structures, ecological buildings, management, information, organization, computer and decision-making systems for building companies, techniques and testing of building materials and products.

Faculty of Civil Engineering


- Laboratory of Civil Engineering Faculty
- Department of Building Structures
- Department of Building Engineering and Building Physics
- Department of Building Materials and Processes Engineering
- Department of Building Structures Theory
- Department of Structural Engineering
- Department of Geotechnics and Roads
- Department of Mechanics and Bridges


- Civil Engineering (In Polish and English)


Faculty of Civil Engineering

Akademicka 5
44-100 Gliwice

Tel.: +48 32 2371410

Dean: Professor Joanna Bzówka PhD, DSc

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