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Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation Control FACULTY OF MINING, SAFETY AND INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION CONTROL


The Faculty employs 30 professors and associate professors, as well as 116 PhDs. The Faculty runs the&nbps;scope of research concerning modern mining which covers appropriate geological identification of mineral deposits, economically effective extraction of raw materials, use of energy-saving and fail-safe machines, meeting requirements of safety and environmental protection.

Scientific and research achievements of the Faculty concern, among other things:
automation and control of working processes, application of fuzzy sets in modelling and simulation researches, monitoring injury risk and fire precautions, control of dangers of stray currents, construction of modern mining machinery, experimental and computer research of dynamic and tribological phenomena in mining machines, rationalization of structure and organization of mining companies, earth surface protection at mining sites, removal of mining damage and revitalization of postindustrial areas, mining below facilities on the surface of the area or in the conditions of bounce danger, ventilation and air-conditioning of mines, firefighting, control of dust and gas explosions, industrial safety in mining, control and determination of preventive treatment of water dangers in active and liquidated mines, flood hazard assessment, examination of coal quality and protection of coal resources in a deposit and assurance of energy safety of the country, designing digital mining maps, application of clean coal technologies, estimation of utilization possibility of mineral wastes, crisis management, new technologies using gravity and other physical methods, research on physical chemistry of mineral processing principles and use of results in new technology development and modification of existing methods of coal flotation processes with focus on steam coals, analysis of water-coal slurry fuel properties and its production, industrial testing of new flocculants in water-sludge circuits of mineral processing plants.


- Department of Electrical Engineering and Control in Mining
- Institute of Mining Mechanisation
- Department of Mining Management and Safety Engineering
- Department of Geomechanics, Underground Construction and Management of Ground Surface Protection.
- Institute of Mining
- Institute of Applied Geology
- Museum of Deposit Geology in Memorial of Czesław Poborski


Mining and Geology
Safety Engineering


Faculty of Mining and Geology

Akademicka 2
44-100 Gliwice

Tel.: +48 32 2371283

Dean: Professor Franciszek Plewa PhD, DSc

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