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Academic staff of the Faculty consists of nearly 40 professors and associate professors, as well as 160 PhD academics. The Faculty carries out research in the following disciplines: material science of steel, special and construction alloys, steels and sintered materials used for tools, material process technologies, mechanics, robotics, mechatronics, fluid mechanics, biomechanics, mechanical vibrations, dynamics, drive systems, virtual models in design, operation and maintenance of machinery, computer aided design, construction and machinery operation and maintenance, technical diagnostics, methods and techniques for reduction of noise and machinery vibrations

The Faculty cooperates with over 150 universities worldwide. Moreover, it has one of the highest rates of foreign student exchanges (every year, almost 80 students and PhD students join one-semester studies in almost every European country, mainly within CEEPUS and ERASMUS programs). 
The Faculty boasts successful collaboration with numerous firms and companies operating in the field of industrial automation and robotics, machinery design, material science, welding, casting, PVC processing and production engineering.

Current co-operation with the industry embraces, among others, the following assignments:
- carrying out research and development works, developmental and goal oriented projects,
- participation of firms in delivering equipment and for research and didactic laboratories at the Faculty,
-  transfer of new technologies from science to industry and from industry to didactics,
- organisation of postgraduate studies for all candidates to raise their professional qualifications,
- giving expertise and conducting research at the Faculty's laboratories and giving opinions concerning the innovative character of undertakings carried out by business enterprises,
- carrying joint projects within the mid-semester projects and MSc theses 
- organisation of production placements.


- Institute of Engineering Materials and Biomaterials
- Institute of Engineering Processes Automation and Integrated Manufacturing Systems
- Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
- Institute of Computational Mechanics and Engineering
- Department of Welding Engineering
- Institute of Fundamentals of Machinery Design
- Department of Machine Technology
- Department of Foundry Engineering


- Automatic Control and Robotics (in Polish and English)
- Applied Computer Science and Computational Materials Science
- Materials Engineering (in Polish and English)
- Mechanics and Machine Design (in Polish and English)
- Mechatronics (in Polish and English)
- Nanotechnology and Materials Processing Technologies (in Polish and English)
- Management and Production Engineering


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Konarskiego 18A
44-100 Gliwice
Tel.: +48 32 2372420
Dean: Professor Anna Timofiejczuk PhD, DSc
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