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Silesian University of Technology provides a huge range of support for research staff, from help with gaining information about funding possibilities, through career counseling, to searching for new principal investigators.


Department of Scientific Research (RN1)

The Department of Scientific Research (RN1) is an administrative unit governed by the Vice-Rector for Science and Cooperation with Industry. The department deals with the broad support of the scientific staff of the university in its research activities, particularly in applying for funding for education from the budget and extra-budgetary sources.

The tasks of the Department of Scientific Research are:

- reviewing grant applications for statutory activities, submitted to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
- maintaining all documentation related to the activities carried out under the statute,
- reviewing applications for grants to fund investment in major research infrastructure and construction projects, serving the needs of research and development, funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
- reviewing applications for funding investments for the needs of scientific research and development activities in support of the 'Programme to support research infrastructure within the Polish Fund of Science and Technology',
- reviewing applications for the award of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for academics,
- reviewing applications for the Rector's award for academics,
- coordinating the allocation and accounting of Rector's grants for professors (RGP) and DScs(RGH), coordination and validation of the applications for a scholarship for young researchers from the Foundation for Polish Science (START Program),
- coordinating the submission of applications for scholarship of the Ministry Of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young scientists,
- checking and coordinating the implementation of contracts financed from extra-budgetary sources, including scientific-research works (NB), service-research (U) and implementation (W),
- reviewing the documentation of internal orders (ZW),
- coordination in signing cooperation agreements between the University and the industry,
- registration of applications for scientific conferences at the Silesian University of Technology and drawing up the annual conferences plans,
- administration of the Experts and Equipment Bases,
- introduction of financing sources, controlling the availability of the part of statutory activities (BK), research (NB), service (U), implementation (W) and internal orders (ZW),
- supporting Rector's committee grants and awards for academics,
- preparation of reports, statistical studies, statements, plans for scientific research of the university, as well as part of Rectors' reports for scientific research.



Office of Services for National Projects (CZP1)

The tasks of the Office of Services for National Projects include:

- providing information and advice to project managers in the subject of raising funds through national programs, as well as offering assistance in the preparation of project proposals,
- assisting project managers in developing project budgets,
- providing support to project managers during the drafting of the consortium agreement, as well as completing and signing the grant agreement,
- reviewing project proposals and opinions on applications for authorization for project managers,
- checking for checklists, applications and agreements of projects financed from national funds,
- recording submitted and accepted project proposals and contracts,
- supporting project managers in project management,
- supporting ZAM System for adequate funding of projects,
- ongoing cooperation with representatives of deans in project management,
- preparing reports and statistical studies in the subject of national projects.

Office of Services for National Projects performs the tasks referred to above for the following programs and projects:

1) PBU Projects - personal research, post-doctoral and PhD supervision,
2) PBR Projects - development,
3) PC Projects - deliberate,
4) PBS Projects - strategic,
5) IT Projects - IniTech Technology Initiative,
6) IP Projects - Iuventus Plus
7) SPB Projects - specific research programs,
8) EU Projects - for which contracts have been concluded prior to September 2008,
9) Polish Fund of Science and Technology - research projects.



Office of the Services for International Programmes, Regional Contact Point for the Silesian University of Technology (CZP3)

Regional Contact Point (RPK) for the Silesian University of Technology is the place where you can get information and assistance in applying for funds from research and development programs of the European Union.

RPK organizes a number of meetings, workshops and information days on: 

- applying for funds for research and innovation, 
- project management, 
- seeking foreign partners.



Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre (CITT)

The main objective of the CITT is to combine science and business. The Centre team is confident that both parties are able to communicate well and work together for mutual benefit. Technology transfer is a complex and laborious process, but it also brings a lot of benefits for the partners involved.

In addition to supporting processes, technology and knowledge transfer, CITT conducts the following activities:

- Promotion of the technological and research offer of the Silesian University of Technology;
- Supporting the academic enterprise and the creation of innovative companies;
- Advice on protection of industrial property, patents and copyrights for employees of Silesian University of Technology;
- Provision of pro-innovation consultancy services (including training, technology audit, expertise, opinions);
- Advice on funding opportunities for innovative projects;
- Provision of information and promotion in the field of innovation, networks, acquisition of technology and intellectual property rights.



Office of the Commissioner for Patents (RR10)

Office of the Commissioner for Patents is mainly responsible for protection of intellectual property, as well as:

- Implementation of national and international patent procedures
- Advice on the protection of industrial property, inventions, patents and copyrights for university academic staff
- Preparation, negotiation and organizational support, formal notice of the agreements on the protection of intellectual property
- Patent research evaluating the state of the technique, patentability and novelty solutions of the University.



Academic Entrepreneurial Incubator of The Silesian University of Technology (AIP)

AIP supports the academic enterprise in cooperation with the Career Guidance and Student Promotion Centre, as well as the Science and Technology Park 'Technopark Gliwice'. The Incubator helps people from the University during the first period of business development. It is a difficult step that requires both substantive support and back office. AIP participates in pre-incubation and incubation.



Science and Technology Park 'Technopark Gliwice'

The main objectives of 'Technopark Gliwice' are:

- Stimulating incubation activities and development of new and innovative technology companies;
- Acquisition of companies representing the technology sector included in the 'High-Tech' and promote them in the Technopark.


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