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In 2016, the university has successfully gained the European Commission HR Excellence in Research award. The award acknowledges University's alignment with vigorous and transparent implementation strategy for improving the career development of researchers.

The Silesian University of Technology supports the initiative of the European Commission and the recommendations given in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

SUT commits itself to develop and improve its internal human resources policy in accordance with the principles stated in the Charter and the Code, and to guarantee transparency and accessibility in the whole process of researchers recruitment.

By implementing the Charter and the Code principles, SUT intends to contribute to the realization of an open, transparent and attractive European Labour market for researchers.

In April 2015, Silesian University of Technology declared its commitment to the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers.

In spring 2016, appointed working group assessed the 40 points and undertook a preliminary gap analysis using the template for internal analysis provided by the European Commission in connection with the institutional HR strategy project.

After completing the internal analysis and making the final text of the outcome of the survey, the working group concluded that the SUT's practice is already mostly in accordance with the general principles of the Charter and Code. At the same time, it concluded that in some areas there is still room for improvement. Based on the internal analysis and outcome of the survey, the same group made this Human Resources Strategy for Researchers – Action plan that contains priority areas in which SUT has to make additional effort in implementation of the principles from C&C.

SUT’s Action Plan was adopted by consensus in April 2016 by the members of the working group and was approved by the Rector in May. The strategic lines of the action are outlined below:
  1. Implementation of a regulation regarding training on Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Modification of the ordinance on the Projects Management System
  3. Creation of a central repository of protected works’ results and regulations to use it
  4. Modification of the criteria for employees evaluation
  5. Creation of a website providing information on career development
  6. Modification of the ordinance on researchers' recruitment
  7. Verification of the ordinance on work referrals and delegations
  8. Improvement of the system for use and settlement costs for Research Infrastructure
  9. Insertion of teleworking to internal work regulations
  10. Development of procedures for reporting and implementation of necessary improvements to be implemented by the Plenipotentiary for Disabled People
  11. Development of a motivating system for researchers
In 2016, the university has successfully gained the European Commission HR Excellence in Research award. In order to carry out the tasks included in the plan, the Rector has established a strategic project administered in the University's Development Office. A team responsible for the implementation of the plan was established, managed by the Steering Committee headed by the Rector. The progress of the work was reported in writing on a quarterly basis. After two years, an internal assessment was carried out with the help of in-depth focus interviews with representatives of researchers at various stages of the scientific career development: PhD students, assistant professor, associate professors and full-professors from various faculties and units. On the basis of the information obtained, an updated Action Plan was prepared.

  1. Internal analysis – SUT
  2. Action Plan for the HRS4R
  3. Charter and Code
  4. SUT - declaration of commitment to charter and code
  5. Modified Human Resources Strategy for Researchers
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