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Faculty of Architecture - Scientific research


Key areas of research conducted at the Faculty:

·        Architectural design research - trends and changes in Polish architecture, studies on dwellings and commercial buildings and their transformations, technical bases for adaptation of the environment for the disabled people, etc. Housing design, new housing typologies, affordable housing, municipal housing policy, etc.

·        Town planning and Urban design - dealing with current issues of Silesian municipalities,  considering environment protection, landscaping, land use, urban design and master planning of new urban areas like residential areas, industrial and special zones, such as airport cities

·        Regeneration of post-industrial and urban areas - research and design studios in the formula of PBL (Problem Based Learning). The scope of work ranges from identifying the potential and problems on a district scale, through formulation of regeneration strategies, in order to solve specific design issues. Numerous projects were completed for Silesian municipalities, as well as organizations such as coal mines, landscape parks etc.

·        Qualitative research in built environment, public spaces quality analysis, place-making process analysis through participatory action research with local communities, facility management, ergonomic arrangement of architectural and urban spaces, effectiveness of space use, attractiveness of the customer's position, sustainable development and the impact of climate change on architecture, quality of the internal environment; Used methods and techniques: POE (Post Occupancy Evaluation), Design Thinking and other. Design for aging society (

·        Landscape design, environment protection and biodiversity enrichment, habitat creation, nature valuation, designing parks and greenery of urbanized areas. Design connected with BREEAM certification.

·        Diagnosing transformation in architecture and construction of the housing stock, testing methods, analysis using statistical methods and reports of changes introduced in the test substance, measures for housing resource evaluation by their users, formulating comprehensive assessment methods for housing stock in general, using elements of statistics, analysis of spatial solutions and macrosocial determinants that contribute to human residence space.

·        History of architecture and town planning, theory of architecture and urbanism, building conservation and cultural heritage protection focused on design in cultural context, local identity and humanistic approach to environmental issues in the design process. Projects and publications concerning heritage: historical housing estates, old towns revitalisation, post-industrial heritage. Developing models of cooperation between the University and Local Administration, Self-Government and Public Institutions.


Recent research Projects:

-   “Modern Architecture of the second part of XX c. in the Silesia Region”, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage grant, ongoing

-   “Jewish cemeteries as a cultural and architectural heritage of Upper Silesia”, The Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant, ongoing

-   “Design Silesia”, 2011-2013, International Visegrad Fund, Magdalena Żmudzińska-Nowak, PhD, DSc

-   “Modernist determinants in the spatial development of Katowice”, 2013-2016, Norway Funds, Aleksandra Tomkiewicz, PhD; Professor Jan Rabiej, PhD, DSc

-   “Digital paradigm in shaping contemporary spatial form based on analysis of industrial architecture”, 2010-2013, NCN, Professor Jan Rabiej, PhD, DSc

-   “Design and development work on a set of holiday furniture”, 2015, Krzysztof Groń, PhD

-   “Design and development work on the innovativeness of furniture and chairs of non-standard dimensions”, 2015, Natalia Bąba-Ciosek, PhD, DSc

-   “Transportation spaces in shaping sustainable urban structure of contemporaty neighbourhoods”, 2010-2013, MNiSW, Michał Stangel, PhD, DSc

-   “Concepts Of Urban Renewal in an Aging Society in the XXI Century”, 2011-2013, NCN, Agnieszka LABUS, PhD

-   “Contemporary Polish House Through the Eyes of Young Architects: Village House”, 2014, International Visegrad Fund, Magdalena Żmudzińska-Nowak, PhD

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