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Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science - History 

The Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science is one of thirteen Faculties at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, appointed by the Polish Ministry of Higher Education in May, 1945.

At first, our Faculty was a part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which was one of the first four Faculties established at the University.

In 1961, in response to the increasing demand on specialists in the field of Automatic Control, University appointed a new Division in this field of study within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

In 1964, a group of scientists founded a Team of Automatic Control, which has prepared organizational foundations and programs of study for a newly established Faculty of Automatic Control, first of its kind in Poland. During the first academic year, our Faculty consisted of 7 Departments: of Industrial Electronics; Control Theory; Industrial Metrology; Automatic Devices; Control of Industrial Processes; Theory of Signal Transfer; and Construction of Automatic Apparatus.

In 1969, as a result of a small reorganization, only the following Departments remained at the Faculty: Automatization of Industrial Processes; Electronics; Complex Steering Systems; Technology of Automatic Devices; and Informatics. Moreover, the Division of Medical Electronic Apparatus was founded.

In 1971, a new type of organizational structure was introduced at the Silesian University of Technology, focusing on Institutes. As a result, 4 Institutes have been established at the Faculty of Automatic Control: the Institute of Industrial Automatic Control and Measurements; the Institute of Complex Steering Systems; the Institute of Construction and Technology of Automatic and Electronic Devices; and the Institute of Medical Apparatus and Automatics.

In relation to very fast development of computer science, in order to underline its importance, in 1971 the Faculty changed its name to the Faculty of Automatics and Informatics.

In 1974, the Institute of Electronics was established, while in 1977 two of the Faculty’s units, the Institute of Industrial Automatic Control and Measurements and  the Institute of Construction and Technology of Automatic Control, were merged into one organizational unit: the Institute of Automatic Control.

As a result of a successive reorganization, in 1984 only 3 main Institutes remained at the Faculty: the Institute of Automatic Control, the Institute of Electronics and the Institute of Informatics, which resulted in a change of the Faculty’s name into the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Informatics, which functions today.

In 2005, our Faculty participated in the creation of a new joint branch of study, Biotechnology, organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering. This initiative in 2007 led to a creation of an innovative branch of study on a national scale: Biomedical Engineering, which, in 2010, was moved to a newly founded Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

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