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About the Institute of Education and Communication Research

On October 1, 2019 the University College of Social Sciences and Foreign Languages was reorganized and the Institute of Education and Communication Studies was established in its place. The College of Social Sciences and Foreign Languages was founded on November 1, 2016 by merging the College of Foreign Languages with the College of Pedagogy, two units existing within the University since 2010 and 2013 respectively. Over 20 years of their educational activity in Gliwice, they developed their own brand and achieved recognition of high educational standards, associated with thorough preparation at the professional level. It functioned as a faculty, continuing the best traditions of both Colleges. Thanks to the long-term experience and effectiveness, commitment of both former and current directors, as well as recognition of students and employees’ potential, the Institute provides an opportunity for continuous and effective growth.

The Institute of Education and Communication Studies comprises two departments: Applied Linguistics and Pedagogy, and offers full-time programmes for undergraduate and graduate students as well as several non-degree post-diploma courses. The practical profile of studies, combining theoretical preparation with practical vocational training, ensures sustainable development. Thanks to close cooperation with Polish universities and international collaboration our Institute:
  • offers foreign exchange programmes, including full participation in classes/lectures, work placements and internships
  • enables professional staff development through participation in trainings and workshops
  • facilitates using labs and libraries at other universities
  • seeks to constantly improve the quality of education
  • co-organizes conferences and other academic events
  • plans and implements research projects.
Special attention is paid to personal scientific development, research papers and books publishing, attracting publicity, and, last but not least, exchange of experience and expertise with fellow academics.
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