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Faculty of Materials Engineering - Study offer


The Faculty conducts studies in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). It offers the following courses in English:

  • Materials Characterization (summer semester)
  • Engineering Materials (summer semester)
  • Methods of artificial intelligence (summer semester)
  • Electronics (summer semester)
  • Furnaces and heating equipment (summer semester)
  • Casting technologies (summer semester)
  • Production Management (winter semester)
  • Process Management (summer semester)
  • Economy and society (summer semester)
  • Application of materials (summer semester)
  • Intelligent modelling of technological processes (winter semester)
  • Technology and computer networks (winter semester)
  • Strategic Management (winter semester)


The Faculty also offers 4 courses of study in Polish:

  • Materials Engineering,
  • Metallurgy,
  • Computer Science for Industry (Industrial Informatics),
  • Production Management and Engineering.


Graduates of the Materials Engineering course are specialists in decision making in the field of engineering works, economic activity research and scientific activity directly linked to the production, processing and improvement of metallic, ceramic and composite materials.

Graduates of the Metallurgy course are specialists in controlling various casting and metal forming processes, production organization and optimization, as well as in using quality control methods.

Graduates of the Computer Science for Industry macro-course are specialists in the field of using and applying computer science in the industry (programming of control systems, computer modelling of processes, using CAx systems and Human Machine Interface design).

Graduates of the BSc degree also possess a wide range of knowledge on processing technology. Moreover, graduates of the MSc degree are specialists in the field of creative design of computer system solutions in the industry.

Graduates of the Production Management and Engineering course are specialists in: production, service, human resources, environment, quality and industrial safety management, as well as in the fields of marketing and economy with engineer’s knowledge of technology, advanced materials and computer-aided design and manufacturing.

We offer our students the possibility to extend their area of interest within the student scientific research groups and student organizations, such as the Museum of Metallurgy at Maleniec, Fryszernia and the Sports Centre.

Full study offer and all necessary information about the admission procedure are available at the website:

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