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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Cooperation with industry


The Institute of Technological Processes, Automation and Integrated Manufacturing System cooperates with the industry in the following fields of study:

  • Analysis and organization of production processes for existing or new manufacturing systems, business process mapping for implementation of ERP systems, planning and reorganization of production cells disposition, and enterprise reorganization projects.
  • Analysis before implementation, modernization of existing production systems, design of new plants and systems, production flow planning, balance of assembly lines; production sequencing and scheduling rhythm.
  • Analytic and approximate methods of production cost analysis, design and technology specification preparation with CAD/CAM system, design and reorganization of workplace, production and supply chain management systems for small and middle enterprises.
  • Creation of types and modular systems design in machine construction. Integration of CAD/CAM and graphics application for design tasks. Parametric record of construction.
  • Research and standardization of work processes; mapping of business and production processes; software for supporting the technical and organizational production preparation; selection and implementation of computer simulation systems; creation of simulation models; performance and implementation of mapping, transformation and exchange of data systems; advice and consultation - analysis of needs and implementation of MRP/ERP systems; training and consultancy in the application of Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing methods and tools; design, creation and development of production planning and control; design and construction of models in rapid prototyping technology (FDM and Objet technology).
  • Design and development of production scheduling software, support software for technical and organizational production preparation. Mapping and design of manufacturing improvements.
  • Analysis, modelling and computer simulation in organization and reorganization of robotic and automated manufacturing systems and industrial logistics systems.

Exemplary works:

  • Reconstruction of technical documentation, production of prototype series tooling for manufacturing of tracheotomy tubes – "DEMED" Sp. z o.o., Mikołów, 2016
  • Research in the area of reconstruction, design documentation and manufacture of tooling prototypes for haemorrhage blockers – "DEMED" Sp. z o.o., Mikołów, 2014
  • Data exchange interface analysis and development of scheduling module in the form of dynamic library (DLL) to work with STREAMSOFT Prestige software – STREAMSOFT Sp. Jawna, Zielona Góra, 2014
  • Analysis of production process organization for future investments in Chemical Equipment Plant CHEMET SA. – CHEMET S.A., Tarnowskie Góry, 2014
  • Analysis and study of the production organization in conditions of a new production plant CHEMET S.A – CHEMET S.A., 2014
  • Study of production process analysis, systematization and elaboration of propositions of production reorganization for SCHOLLGLAS Polska Sp z o.o., Sandomierz department, 2007
  • Study and optimization of control of production flow process in Elektrobudowa S.A factory, Konin, 2005
  • Execution of the innovation review for technological process modernization of preparing a scrap metal batch using a FUCHS MHL 355 E BQC material handler – OLMET sp. Z o.o. s.k., Tarnowskie Góry, 2013
  • Feasibility study on the implementation of innovative technology of chemical-physical depolymerisation of waste – OLMET sp. Z o.o. s.k., Tarnowskie Góry, 2013
  • Preparation of the innovation opinion about production process of doors – Capek Sp. z o.o., Skrzyszów, 2014
  • Contract for research and development of the project and implementation of prototype system for automatic application of foil on the roof of a passenger car – Adam Opel AG, Rüsselsheim, 2016
  • Cooperation agreements with: SEW-Eurodrive, B&R, Hydac, Prema, Balluff, Astor and Cempel


The Institute of Computational Mechanics and Engineering cooperates with several national and international companies and institutes, such as:

  • Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment,
  • ABB,
  • SGS Poland Ltd.,
  • BTS Construction,
  • Multivalve Ltd.,
  • Saint-Gobain,
  • Tenneco,
  • Mexalux,
  • Rafako,
  • Montracon,
  • PMPoland S.A.,


The Department of Welding cooperates with the following companies:

  • Wielton,
  • Progresja,
  • Mechanic System,
  • TUV Rheinland,
  • TUV Austria,
  • Rudpol-OPA,


The Institute of Fundamentals of Machinery Design cooperates with several industrial partners, such as:

  • Adient Seating  Poland sp. z o.o.
  • FAMUR S.A.
  • General Motors Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • I3D S.A.
  • IMACO M. Kania Sp K.
  • Kopex S.A.
  • Sevitel Sp. z o.o.
  • SkyTech Research Sp. z o.o.
  • SkyTech Products Sp. z o.o.
  • SOMAR  S.A
  • Valeo Electric and Electronic Systems Sp. z o.o.
  • Veritech SP. z o.o


The Department of Machine Technology had cooperated or still cooperates with:

  • Machine Tools Manufacturer “RAFAMET” in Kuźnia Raciborska,
  • Machine Tools Manufacturer “DEFUM” in Dąbrowa Górnicza,
  • Machine Tools Manufacturer “PORĘBA” in Poręba,
  • Mechanical Equipment Manufacturer “BUMAR-ŁABĘDY” in Gliwice,
  • Injection Moulding Machines Factory “PONAR-ŻYWIEC” in Żywiec,
  • Machining Elements Manufacturer “PONAR-WADOWICE” in Wadowice,
  • Central Bureau of Machine Tools Construction “CBKO” in Pruszków,
  • Rail Rolling Stock Repair Workshops “KOLZAM” in Racibórz,
  • Mining Machinery Construction Plant “KOMAG” in Gliwice.
  • Prat&Whitney Plant in Rzeszów
  • NGK Ceramics in Gliwice

The cooperation with aforementioned companies relates to the construction and design solutions, measurements of static and dynamic properties, providing expertise, advice, etc. The main subject, however, concerned the design and testing of heavy duty carousel lathes, drilling and milling machines, as well as machine tools for wheel sets.

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