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Faculty of Organization and Management - Scientific research


The Institute of Economics and Informatics conducts research in the field of finance and economics, as well as quantitative methods using modern tools.

The main research directions include:

  • Finance and control;
  • Enterprise resource management;
  • Econometric and statistical methods in decision support management and economic research;
  • Multi-criteria decision suport;
  • Economical phenomenon, modelling and optimization of managerial and economical processes;
  • Methods of data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms;
  • Information and communication technologies;
  • Management of information systems;
  • E-business;
  • Development and use of intelligent systems;
  • Methods and tools in management of IT projects;
  • Design maturity;
  • Management change;
  • CRM;
  • Cellular automata;
  • Symbolic dynamics.
  • System and function of public administration
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Legal aspects of innovative activity


Research activities conducted at the Department of Applied Social Sciences:

  • Research in the field of Human Resource Management, theory and practice of personnel marketing, cultural aspects of management, theory of communication and public relations, preparation and management training for administration and industry, modern concepts of human resource management, including knowledge management, talent management, behavioural school of management, in particular: methodology of science, engineering and management science, social and economic aspects of management of organization, motivation to work, information and knowledge management, organizational culture, sustained development and ecological aspect.
  • Research in the area of Sociology: quantitative research, using quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques,
  • Ethnographic research in organizations (organizational culture, conflict management, negotiations, communication in organization), ethnographic survey of consumers, research on logo and corporate symbolism, in area of quality of life in cities and settlements. Market research and advertising, in particular: marketing research, evaluation, sociology advertising.
  • Research in the area of Social Communication, in particular the essence and function of PR interpersonal communication and social language, cultural and psychological aspects of communication, social media, image creation strategies and negotiation techniques


The area of research at the Institute of Production Engineering focuses around:

  • Computer-aided engineering tasks,
  • Knowledge management with the use of ICT,
  • Maintenance and asset management in technical systems supported by CMM/ERP/MRP/EAM systems
  • Shaping of systems to reduce industrial hazards,
  • Creation and exploitation of noise maps,
  • Innovation in products and services,
  • Technology Assessment,
  • Use of virtual reality technology in formation of work environment,
  • Formation of living and working environment for people with disabilities,
  • Ergonomics, health and safety - ergonomic evaluation and design of workplaces, risk assessment,
  • Workflow management,
  • Revitalization of degraded urban and post-industrial areas,
  • Crisis management,
  • Methods of quality engineering in product life cycle,
  • Quality issues in energy processes,
  • Ecodesign processes and products,
  • Management of eco-innovation


Research activities of the Institute of Management, Administration and Logistics in the field of Organization and Management includes:

  • business restructuring,
  • coal mining restructuring,
  • feasibility studies of investment projects,
  • project management,
  • implementation of Balanced Scorecard in organizations,
  • production management,
  • knowledge management,
  • change processes and business development strategies,
  • strategic management of businesses and regions,
  • integrity programs in organizations,
  • concept of Management Through Values,
  • systems of knowledge management in businesses and regions,
  • competitiveness of businesses, organizations and regions,
  • corruption, business ethics, corporate social responsibility,
  • humanistic management,
  • social responsibility in higher education,
  • integrity in organizations,
  • academic integrity,
  • corruption understanding and prevention


Research in the area of logistics includes:

  • circular economy,
  • eco-, waste and urban logistics,
  • IT systems in logistics,
  • procurement logistics,
  • supply chains and networks


Research in the area of innovation management includes:

  • clusters and networks supporting innovation,
  • creative networks,
  • knowledge management,
  • intellectual capital,
  • academic entrepreneurship
  • technology transfer.
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