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Faculty of Organization and Management - Technological / Research offer


Research offer of the Institute of Economics and Informatics include:

  • Cost management in product life cycle in industrial enterprises;
  • The role of capital in creating customer value in manufacturing enterprises;
  • Enterprise resource control in the process of developing a competitive advantage;
  • International expansion of companies in search for sources of market value growth;
  • Operational and financial risk management in companies;
  • Financing strategies for manufacturing enterprises;
  • Financial markets and instruments;
  • Assessment and management of corporate innovativeness
  • Management in small and medium-sized companies;
  • Expert opinions and economic analysis;
  • Statistical analysis (e.g. Manufacturing process);
  • Biostatistical analysis;
  • Analysis of production process spatial organization;
  • Shopping basket analysis;
  • Analysis of the advertising market;
  • Market research;
  • Forecasting economic values;
  • Information system audits;
  • Design and positioning of websites.


Research offer of the Institute of Production Engineering:

  • Expertise in the area of implementation and assessment of innovations,
  • Data management for maintenance of assets and technical systems,
  • Introduction of CMM class tools (Computerized Maintenance Management systems) in industrial practice,
  • Analysis of vibroacoustic hazards in work environment,
  • Development of acoustic maps using GIS technology (Geographical Information Systems)
  • Research of maintenance department’s function, determining conditions for in-house and outsourced maintenance services
  • Mining and drilling machines
  • Efficiency of production processes.
  • Management of brownfields, 
  • Creation of foundations for new engineering design methods
  • Chemical process simulations
  • Fault diagnosis and fault tolerance control, soft computing, artificial intelligence applications
  • Research of workability of coal and rock
  • Analysis of organization’s level of excellence
  • Diagnosis of organizational culture.
  • Evaluation of noise threat, creation of acoustic projects in buildings and rooms, acoustic maps, design of noise control media
  • Stress tests of machine parts
  • Use of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) for supporting maintenance of network technical systems
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals and other didactic content
  • Mobile training facility
  • Knowledge-based vocational training 
  • Safety shaping
  • Ergonomic and biomechanical analysis of working environment using computer-based systems.
  • Creation of virtual workplace
  • Prediction of labour related illnesses using computer-based systems.
  • Preparation and realization of training in the area of designing working conditions and positions.
  • Application of quality management methods and tools
  • Improvement of manufacturing processes
  • Valuation of functioning quality systems
  • Eco-innovations


Research offer of the Institute of Management, Administration and Logistics

  • Project management systems analysis in public and private organizations
  • Analysis for development of circular economy systems in different industries
  • Logistic systems analysis in organizations and supply chains
  • Analysing management in clusters and networks
  • Marketing research - consumers and institutional clients in Silesia
  • Research in the field of corruption and integrity among the academic community
  • Anti-corruption management and reporting in organization
  • Implementation of PRME- cross national perspectives, contemporary perspectives in Corporate Social Performance and policy
  • Effective integration of ethical dimensions into business and business education
  • Business integrity in practice.
  • Research on process of agglomeration development
  • Legal opinions
  • Projects of legal acts
  • Binding rules assessment
  • The use of set theoretic configurational methods, especially Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), in management research
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