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Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering - Laboratories and equipment


There are several laboratories operating within the Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering:

 The laboratory conducting research on the powertrain is equipped with:

  • apparatus for testing noise and vibration of machines and vehicles,
  • systems for contact and contactless vibration measurement,
  • digital systems for measurement and analysis,
  • SigLab position for testing gear in a circulating power,
  • signal analyser for testing electromagnetic compatibility.


The laboratory responsible for testing gas installations includes:

  • work station which allows to conduct research on power supply systems of gaseous fuels (LPG, CNG),
  • internal combustion engines,
  • test benches with the engines,
  • research station for testing circuits, inlet and exhaust of internal combustion engines,
  • chassis dynamometer,
  • stand for testing injector engines spark-measuring equipment to determine the mileage fuel consumption of motor vehicles.


Laboratory conducting research on dynamic suspension vehicles is equipped with:

  • stations for testing the pneumatic, hydraulic and break systems,
  • ABS, ASR, EBD and traction control system, as well as the SRS,
  • work station allowing the research of suspension dynamics and shock absorbers.


The laboratory of tribology testing is equipped with:

  • device for testing wear and friction in a roll,
  • device for wear testing in a block-roll,
  • camera for ball-fatigue and oil testing, machine fatigue,
  • installation used to carry out tests of materials’ low-cycle fatigue,
  • tribological tester for testing friction and wear associations of pin wheel in a rotating motion at temperatures from ambient to 250,
  • tribological tester for testing friction and wear in combination with pin shield,
  • tribological tester for testing friction and wear of the piston in combination with block/flat surface in reciprocating tester for testing fretting wear, equipment acquisition and recording measurements, hardness of Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers
  • experimental stand for testing the stability of liquid lubricants for both engine oils and gear
  • station for testing brake fluids, allowing for generation of vapour locks reflecting normal operating conditions.


Laboratory conducting research on regeneration methods is equipped with a set of devices for welding metals using different methods, as well as a unique test bed for welding and surfacing through cooling.


The laboratory responsible for the research on vehicles’ operation is equipped with:

  • calorimeter in order to study the heating value of liquid fuel,
  • engine dyno to conduct research related to car engine diagnostics,
  • apparatus for measurement of pressure and temperature in a combustion engine
  • device for diagnosing the technical conditions of chassis systems.


The laboratory testing means of transport is equipped with:

  • instruments allowing the tests of engines, clutches, brakes, releasers, gear drive and control in modern machines,
  • instrument used for measuring the crane and steel rail wheels profile, installation errors in cooperating shaft hardness servant for measuring the hardness of rubber Shore method,
  • wireless torque measurement,
  • apparatus for measuring strain extensometer.


Research laboratory of rail vehicle construction is equipped with:

  • station to measure the force of the railway wheels brake blocks with pressure measurement at selected points in the system,
  • electronic profile gauge to create the outline of the tires’ profile,
  • rail test station of half-160EC pantograph and the pantograph.


The laboratory of alternative propulsion research and teaching is equipped with:

  • station to study the alternative fuels combustion process,
  • simulation system controlling the gas system,
  • performance simulation engine powered with alternative fuels.
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