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Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering - Scientific research


The Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering conducts scientific research in the following fields of study:

  • research on transport
  • traffic engineering in transport
  • automotive vehicle maintenance and construction
  • material handling
  • transport technology (computer) systems
  • telematics in transport
  • environmental and human exposure on transport system
  • maintenance and reliability models in transport
  • noise and vibration in transport
  • research on welding in means of transport
  • electro- and eco-mobility
  • research on materials for automotive
  • optimization of transport system
  • microprocessor technique and simulation tests in transport
  • mathematical modelling of combustion processes in engines
  • alternative fuels
  • wearing of transport machines’ elements
  • CAD/CAM in designing transport machines’ units
  • research on gear transmission
  • vibroacoustic diagnosis of machines and vehicles
  • dynamics of vehicles’ suspensions
  • applying numerical methods in design and optimization of wheel units and wheel-rail system usage
  • magnetic diagnostic methods and video incident detection in transport
  • comfort and safety in transport


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