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Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering - Technological / Research offer


The Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering is actively involved in a wide range of research. In the field of operation of transport machinery, the Faculty conducts research on the use of new materials and technologies, as well as the durability and reliability of technical systems and anthropo- transport. The research involves: vibroactivity assessment and diagnosis of means of transport, and the optimization and modification of structural elements of means of transport.

A significant area of ​​scientific research and development of the Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering is the design, implementation and testing of new systems, power car engines and alternative fuels, including renewable fuels. An important aspect of research processes of these systems is monitoring the thermodynamic phenomena occurring in internal combustion engines, as well as determining the effect of use of new construction materials on the emission of engines and vehicles.

Research involving the use of various alternative fuels, both liquid and gaseous, mainly focus on reducing the energy intensity of the exploitation process of vehicles and their impact on the environment, studies on the impact of fuels used for the durability of engines and propulsion systems, emission of toxic fumes, characteristics of the wear process of both major engine systems and the whole vehicle powertrain. The main emphasis of the ongoing research programs is on the reduction of CO2 emission and energy consumption, as well as the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable ones. There is also an ongoing research on the use of hydrogen-methane, DME and DME mixtures of petroleum gases combustion in engines and motor vehicles.


The Faculty provides solutions, research and studies in the fields of:

  • Durability and reliability of vehicles
  • Laboratory research on operating road vehicles and rail traction
  • Vehicles’ maintenance system
  • Diagnosing the condition of vehicles
  • Drives and alternative fuels
  • New materials and technologies in vehicle construction
  • Minimizing effects of vibrations in vehicles
  • Consumption of vehicle parts
  • The impact of vehicles on the environment
  • Vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Application and optimization of battery-powered buses in public transport
  • Green Travelling
  • Platform to integrate, manage and support the first and last mile supply chain S-MILE
  • Research and traffic models for cities
  • The use of image analysis
  • Research on traffic control devices
  • Operational support systems using drones
  • Network Diagnostics traction
  • Mobile diagnosis of track


Contact person:

Vice Dean for Organization and Development

Jan Filipczyk PhD

Phone: +48 32 603 40 40


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