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Faculty of Chemistry - History


Even though the Faculty of Chemistry was officially established in December 1945, the first semester of studies at the Faculty began in June 1945. Classes for the first semester started in spring 1945 in Cracow, where the former students, graduates and professors of the pre-war universities gathered. Since November 1, 1945, classes also started in Gliwice.


The "Red" Chemistry

Since the very beginning, the core of teaching and support staff of the Faculty, as well as the whole University, consisted of former employees and students from the Lviv Polytechnic.

During the first year of study, the Faculty accepted 400 students. Most of the classes were conducted according to program inherited from the Lviv Polytechnic.

The first laboratory was opened by Professor Wiktor Jakób in 1946.

In 1968, major organizational changes took place at the Faculty of Chemistry, as well as on the whole University. Several chemistry-oriented departments from other faculties were joined to the Faculty of Chemistry, creating a new Department of Analytical and General Chemistry. Existing departments were joined into bigger organizational units, since 1971 known as institutes.

At that time, there were 6 Institutes: the Institute of Chemistry and Organic Technology, the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology, the Institute of Analytical and General Chemistry, the Institute of Physical Chemistry and Polymer Technology, the Institute of Chemical Coal and Petroleum Technology and the Institute of Chemical Engineering and the Institute of Chemical and Equipment Engineering.

Currently, 5 Departments operate at the Faculty:

  • Department of Inorganic, Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
  • Department of Organic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Process Design
  • Department of Physical Chemistry and Technology of Polymers
  • Department of Chemical Organic Technology and Petrochemistry


The "Gray" Chemistry

Classes take place in five buildings, with three large auditoriums and several lecture rooms. However, the most important objects are the laboratories. The Faculty has at its disposal the latest equipment, research infrastructure and housing conditions necessary to conduct research on the highest scientific level.

Nowadays, the Faculty employs over 90 scientific and didactic employees, including 12 professors, 60 postdoctoral graduates and 60 PhDs. Currently, over 700 students and 60 PhD students study at the Faculty.

Scientists actively cooperate with academic and industrial institutions, both domestic and foreign. Currently, almost 40 research projects are being implemented on the Faculty. 

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