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Statement by the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology


Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Community of the Silesian University of Technology!

On 23 March, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education issued the Regulation on the extension of restriction in the functioning of universities in Poland until 10 April 2020. On 24 March, the Ministry of Health tightened up the provisions of the Regulation regarding the announcement of the state of epidemic in the country.

The situation is very serious and requires us to act reasonably and to observe all required security measures. Let's follow the regulations introduced during the epidemic and reduce direct contacts to the absolute minimum! Let's mainly use the electronic devices to communicate!


Dear Academic Teachers and Students!

Due to the state of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Minister of Science and Higher Education has temporarily suspended all lectures, classes and consultations for students, doctoral students and post-graduate students, as well as other contact forms of education. Currently, classes at the Silesian University of Technology are conducted remotely, mainly by means of the Distance Learning Platform. I would like to thank all of you for understanding the gravity of the situation and for  your immediate commencement of the non-contact didactic process. As an academic teacher, I realise that this emergency situation is difficult for all of us. It is now necessary to master new IT tools, reorganize and adjust quickly to this change.

You have registered nearly 4,000 subjects on our Distance Learning Platform since 16 March! According to the statistics, it can be confirmed  that our students actively use the educational opportunities and materials which you prepare for them.

Thank you very much for that!


Dear Students!

We are aware that possibilities of distance learning outside the University are quite diversified.
I assure you that the Silesian University of Technology makes every effort to ensure that the process of organising your distance learning runs as smoothly as possible in these difficult circumstances. Distance learning, on such a scale, has never been conducted at the University so far.

We monitor the system operation so that the information transfer is correct and uninterrupted. The lecturers, prior to individual arrangements with representatives of each student group, do their best to adapt the form of classes to the technical capabilities of each and everyone in order for both of you to obtain the expected results. Thank you very much for your commitment, your participation in distance learning and for you being so opened to these necessary changes.

I am very grateful to Student and Doctoral Student Self-Governments of the Silesian University of Technology for their help and substantive cooperation! Thank you as well for your confidence.


Ladies and Gentlemen!

According to the Ordinance No 65/2020, the obligation to work remotely at the Silesian University of Technology is extended till 30 April. This restriction does not apply in the situation when an employee's presence is required to ensure the continuous operation of the University.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the administration and maintenance staff - thanks to your commitment, organisational and financial processes remain uninterrupted and the University facilities are kept functional and have the best possible security conditions.

As a research university, we have a special duty to actively join the search for scientific and effective solutions to stop the coronavirus pandemic (SARS-CoV-2). In order to effectively support your commitment in this area, under the Regulation, I hereby announce a pro-quality contest for funding the research on combating COVID-19.

The contest is addressed to the employees of the Silesian University of Technology who will create research teams. The team may also include doctoral students and other students of the Silesian University of Technology. The grant is awarded up to the amount of PLN 150,000. I hope that this solution will facilitate the implementation of the already started research and will allow you to search for effective solutions in the fight against the threat that so seriously affects all of us.

I would like to remind you that all key information on the functioning of the University and the rules of conduct at the Silesian University of Technology during the epidemic can be found on our website at  in the tab "Coronavirus. Important information. "

I would like to assure you that all decisions made by the authorities of the Silesian University of Technology are made in good faith to serve our common good.

Thanks to our cooperation, mutual kindness, but also thanks to our reasonable and responsible compliance with safety rules, we shall soon come back to normal.

Let us be reasonable, protect ourselves, our close ones and all other people!


Yours faithfully,

Rector of the Silesian University of Technology

Professor Arkadiusz Mężyk PhD, DSc




The Ordinance No 194/2020 of 11.09.2020 on the organisation of education in the academic year 2020/2021 in relation to the prevention, counteraction and eradication of COVID-19



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