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Chronology of projects - 2016/2017


• The project brought together students from three countries: Finland (Technical University in Tempere), Hungary (University of Business in Budapest) and Poland (Silesian University of Technology). The task, performed jointly by the students of all the universities mentioned above, was to create prototypes of applications that would allow the use of organic products in everyday life. Grażyna Duda, MA was the coordinator on the Polish side of the project.


• 2nd edition of the CLIL project at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. As in the previous year, the CLIL programme was part of English language classes (level C1), during which students became acquainted with professional vocabulary and subject matter knowledge about concrete and construction processes in order to design and manufacture concrete benches. The acquired information and rich professional vocabulary were practically and creatively used in numerous discussions and presentations (project creation stage), and above all in the real world of work - in the laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering (construction stage). The students also made contact with several companies from which they received the necessary building materials.

The project coordinators were: Janusz Sroka, MA (language supervision), Małgorzata Gołaszewska, MEng (subject matter and laboratory supervision) and Adrian Kilijanek, MEng (laboratory supervision).

• The second edition of UNI-CLILiG. During German language classes, postgraduate students of the Faculty of Architecture prepared a spatial development project by creating plans and urban concepts for the city of Częstochowa. The project ended with a German-language presentation of the results of the students’ work. The coordinator of the project was Grabriela Szewiola, MA.  

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