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PBL - what is it?

Project Based Learning (PBL) is teaching through the implementation of projects. It is a method of transferring knowledge and acquiring competences and qualifications through the independent work of students in a predetermined period of time in order to solve a problem or in other words do a project.

In addition to expanding knowledge, the PBL method helps students develop many soft skills needed in the 21st century at the next levels of education and professional career. These include group work, synthesis of information from various sources, making decisions and taking responsibility for them, planning and organizing work, appropriate time management and meeting deadlines. This method also teaches the art of argumentation - how to formulate and express your opinions. It also shows how to prepare and deliver a presentation and, most importantly, build confidence.

Above all, however, PBL teaches independent, creative and critical thinking, the courage to experiment with an optimal and practical solution to the problem, which makes the education process more authentic and at the same time more active and practical. It is worth recalling here the old maxim of Confucius: Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, let me do it and I will understand.

It is thanks to this practical aspect that the PBL method significantly improves the learning process, which is not just about absorbing knowledge, but primarily about its active acquisition and application. This in turn entails a very important change - the one of the role of the teacher. He or she becomes a guide, a signpost in students’ independent process of knowledge gathering and its implementation.

It should also be noted that PBL gives students and teachers the opportunity to use various technological achievements and innovations that make the education process more attractive and efficient. Thanks to them you can quickly find the right information and knowledge resources, prepare presentations or visualizations of the project itself, effectively collaborate with other groups of students at other universities both in the country and abroad, or participate in video conferences and online discussions. This opening to the world is undoubtedly an additional value of the PBL method.

The use of PBL in language learning is to orientate the language to those areas that students need most because of the specifics of their studies and future employment prospects.

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