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Projects chronology - 2020/2021




* On October 19-22, 2020 the second edition of the SUT International Staff Training Week was organized by the Foreign Relations Office and the Foreign Languages Centre of the Silesian University of Technology. The event was virtual on the ZOOM platform. The subject of this year's SUT ISTW 2020 "Internationalization of Higher Education - Perspectives of International Learning" has provided an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and good practice in modernizing Higher Education study programmes.

The thematic areas covered a wide range of issues related to:
- virtual exchange and telecollaboration, i.e. online collaboration that enables  students to learn how   to work in international and multi-cultural teams, a skill that is highly valued in the labour market
-intercultural competence, i.e. the ability to function effectively across cultures
- interdisciplinary collaboration, i.e. collaboration between teachers of different subject areas in order to develop students’ competences for employability (PBL)
-  transferable skills, i.e. the capacity for problem-solving, teamwork, decision-making and critical thinking)

The invitation to the conference was accepted  by the guest speakers from abroad:

from Sweden (Linnaeus University):
- Alastair Creelman, e-learning and distance education specialist
- Prof. Yael Tågerud,  intercultural communication specialist
- Corina Löwe, PhD, Deputy Head of the Foreign Language Centre

from Japan:
- Prof. Daniela Caluianu , professor of linguistics at the University of Economics in Otaru

from Hungary:
- Ildiko Dosa PhD, Head of the Foreign Language Center of the Budapest University of Economics

from Ukraine:
- OlhaTsubova, lecturer at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Lviv Polytechnic

Polish universities were represented by:
- Małgorzata Kurek, PhD, Asst.Prof,  Virtual Exchange specialist from Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa
- Barbara Loranc-Paszylk, PhD, Asst.Prof, expert in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) from the University of Bielsko-Biała.

Our university was represented by:
- Dariusz Buchczik,  EngD, manager of PBL educational projects at SUT
- Grażyna Duda, MA, PBL and CLIL projects initiator at the SUT Foreign Languages Center
Prof. SUT, dr hab. Melanie Ellis, language expert at the Institute for Research on Education and Communication at the Silesian University of Technology
- Grzegorz Kłapyta, EngD, Head of the International Relations Department
- Ludwina Żukowska, EngD, Erasmus + Program Coordinator, Head of the International Exchange Section.

The  international telecollaborative projects carried out by students of the Silesian University of Technology in cooperation with students from universities in Armenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Spain, Japan, Ukraine and Hungary were presented by the lecturers from SUT Foreign Languages Centre:
- Grażyna Duda, MA
- Iwona Seta-Dąbrowska, MA
- Renata Pelka, MA
- Bożena Stefanowicz, MA
- Janusz Sroka, MA

The conference content coordinators and chairs of the conference sessions were Grażyna Duda and Grzegorz Kłapyta.

All SUT ISTW 2020 lectures, presentations and workshops were greatly enjoyed  by guests from abroad and representatives of academic staff from various faculties of  SUT. It was also a platform for direct contacts with our foreign guests and partners of our university from around the world and a unique opportunity to discuss and plan joint activities and projects. It also gave the opportunity to learn about innovative teaching methods and internationalization of Higher Education study programmes and also to further integrate our university academic staff.  SUT ISTW 2020 turned out to be a great success as evidenced by numerous correspondence from participants and speakers with expressions of appreciation and a declaration of cooperation in its subsequent editions.



 * Telecollaboration project entitled "EduBot" carried out with the PBL method with the participation of the third year students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Department of Automation and Robotics, of the Silesian University of Technology under the supervision of Grażyna Duda, MA and students of the Budapest Business School in Budapest under the supervision of Dr. Ildiko Dosa.

The EduBot project was another edition of the cooperation between the Budapest Business School and the Foreign Languages Center of the Silesian University of Technology and lasted for nine weeks from mid-October to 9 December this year.

The subject matter of the project was to design a multifunctional robot for learning and teaching programming to children, youth and university students. Students participating in the project worked in six international teams and had to perform tasks related to the construction of individual parts of the robot (engineering tasks) and its promotion, estimating production costs and finding outlets (business tasks). The means of communication were internet platforms such as Discord, Zoom, Google Drive, Facebook, where students from both universities met to discuss and implement the various stages of the project together. In addition, students wrote and sent weekly reports on the implementation of the project at PZE (e-learning platform) so that project coordinators could assess the progress of the project.

 On December 9, 2020 the final presentation of the project took place. Due to the pandemic, it was presented online to the invited guests. When assessing the project, the students emphasized that it was a new challenge for them, an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge, make new friends, work in international teams, learn about a different culture, and improve their knowledge of English. In addition to teamwork, students also emphasized the possibility of problem-solving, creativity, and sharing knowledge.

Telecolaboration and teaching using the PBL method once again proved to be an innovative direction in the development of university education and met with favorable opinions of the content and the language teachers participating in the presentation.




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