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PBL in the Foreign Languages Centre (SJO) at the Silesian University of Technology

The PBL method has been present in the Foreign Languages Centre (SJO) at the Silesian University of Technology since the 2015-2016 academic year, when Grażyna Duda, MA, in cooperation with foreign universities, launched the first international telecollaboration projects and the first CLIL project in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In the same year, CLIL premiered in German (UNI-CLILiG) at the Faculty of Architecture under the watchful eye of Gabriela Szewiola, MA.

Since then, this method has been carried out in two ways by many SJO lecturers:

- telecollaborations (Małgorzata Bryg-Lewandowska, Grażyna Duda, Renata Pelka, Iwona Seta-Dąbrowska, Bożena Stefanowicz, Janusz Sroka)

- CLIL (Anna Gazda, Grażyna Duda, Karina Kunz-Kurnicka, Iwona Seta-Dąbrowska, Gabriela Szewiola, Janusz Sroka, Iwona Terlecka-Żabińska)

More information about individual projects can be found in the Chronology of Projects tab.

According to surveys conducted each year among project participants, our innovative methods of running classes based on the PBL method are of great interest to students and year after year receive very high marks from them. They have also gained the support and recognition of the authorities of the Silesian University of Technology, SJO and individual faculties.

The popularity of PBL can also be demonstrated by numbers: in 2015 - 2016 only 3 projects were launched, while in 2018 - 2019 there were as many as 13 of them.

It should be mentioned here that between 21st and 25th of October 2019 the first Staff Training Week was held at the Silesian University of Technology. It was entirely devoted to the topic of telecollaboration. This joint venture of SJO and the Department of International Cooperation was an excellent opportunity to learn the advantages and techniques of didactic cooperation at a distance, as well as the possibility of carrying out joint project activities with our partner universities. It was also an opportunity to meet guests invited from many universities around the world.

The program containing information about open lectures, seminars and workshops can be found here:  

More information is available at:

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