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Course Credit Regulations 

1. Student is obliged to enroll in a language course at the appropriate level at the beginning of the semester in which, according to the educational program of their field of study, the foreign language course should start.

2. A change to a language course of different level is possible in case of well-founded reasons and within one month after the course starting date. At a later time, such a change is allowed only in exceptional circumstances and requires an approval of both instructors involved. Furthermore, it can not significantly affect the number of students in each group.

3. The Foreign Language Center reserves the right to transfer student to a different level  course if the instructor decides that the student’s linguistic performance diverges significantly from that of the other participants. Such a transfer is possible within the first few weeks after the course starting date.

4. Student is required to attend the classes regularly.

5. In case of more than 2 absences (justified or not),  student is required to make up any missed classes in a manner and within a time deemed appropriate by the instructor.

6. Student is obliged to provide justification of absence on the first class following the absence.

7. A greater number of unjustified absences will be reported to the Dean, who will then decide on further steps needed in the matter.

8. Student is required to have a textbook and to keep all the additional materials handed out or recommended by the instructor.

9. Assessment of student’s work is carried out each semester in 5 categories, in accordance with the expected learning outcomes, as defined in the course description:

  • knowledge of grammar and vocabulary,
  • language skills such as understanding of spoken and written texts,
  • ability to produce short written texts,
  • ability to deliver oral presentations or short speeches,
  • sociolinguistic competence which comprises of spontaneous participation in discussions and group work, as well as preparation and engagement in classes.

10. To obtain a course credit for each semester, student needs to achieve each expected language outcome at a satisfactory level. The awarded grades represent the achievement level for each expected learning outcome.

11. Written tests are graded according to the following scale:

  • over 90% of correct answers – very good (5)
  • over 80% of correct answers – good plus (4+)
  • over 70 % of correct answers – good (4)
  • over 60 % of correct answers – satisfactory plus (3+)
  • over 50 % of correct answers – satisfactory (3).

12. Student is allowed to re-sit a failed task, test or any other assigned activity twice. Student who fails to achieve all the expected learning outcomes within the given time limit is eligible  for one reassessment, conducted before a Board, testing the student's knowledge of the material from the whole semester. The dates for re-sits and reassessment are determined by the instructor and with the student’s approval.

13. In a semester where there is no exam, the grade obtained from the course will be the final grade.

14. After the completion of a foreign language course in the first cycle of study, the student is obliged to take an exam at B2 or C1 level, which will consist of a written and oral part. The student is eligible to be granted an exemption from the exam, if they have an average grade of at least 4.5, calculated on the basis of a final grade from each semester, providing that no lower grade then a 4 (good) has ever been earned by student.

15. Student is entitled to take a B2 or C1 exam in the first cycle of study in a language other than English (with the exclusion of student’s native language), as long as the instructor is notified within 2 months after the course starting date.

16. Student may have their final grade improved only if they retake the whole language course.

17. If the instructor discovers that student uses prohibited support materials, intentionally cheats or attempts to cheat during a test, exam or another task, the student is obliged to retake the test, exam or another task, in a manner and at a time determined by the instructor.

18. The use of smartphones and other personal electronic devices is banned during classes, unless the instructor decides otherwise.

19. Student who repeats the semester is eligible to have the course credit or exam grade transferred on condition that the instructor is informed at the beginning of the semester when student enrolls in the course.

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