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Exam B2 – C1 – General Information


In compliance with the University authorities decision, all full-time and part-time first degree students (1st cycle of study) are obliged to take a foreign language exam with the minimum requirement of B2 level. Students are also required to obtain credits from all language course semesters to be allowed to take an exam.

The level of exam is in compliance with the B2/C1 exams recognized by the European Union and satisfies the criteria laid down by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The exam consists of three parts: two written and one oral, including all five components of each language course, corresponding to the learning outcomes defined in the course description. The exam tests knowledge, skills and language competence covering grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, reading, writing and speaking with special emphasis on communication, as well as technical terminology connected with the chosen field of study. The same rules and regulations for conducting and assessing exams apply to all languages.

Student is obliged to attend 120 hours of English language classes at the first cycle of study, but has the right to take a B2/C1 exam in a language other than English.

Exam description

The exam focuses on 5 components and consists of three parts: two written and one oral – which give the total number of 100 points.

Part One (written) – Scope: knowledge of grammar and lexis

  • Grammatical structures – 15 points
  • Vocabulary – 15 points

Duration: 30 minutes

Maximum number of points: 30


Part two (written) – Scope: practical application of language skills in listening, reading and writing:

  • Listening comprehension – 15 points
  • Reading comprehension – 15 points
  • Writing – formal e-mail or letter – 10 points

Duration: 60 minutes

Maximum number of points: 40


Part three (oral) – Scope: practical application of language skills in creating and giving formal presentations on subjects connected with the chosen field of studies and  language competence to communicate fluently

Student’s performance is assessed on the following basis:

  • Organization of the presentation and level of difficulty
  • Linguistic diversity, formal presentation style
  • Communication skills and fluency
  • Variety and correctness of grammatical structures

Duration: 10 minutes per person, students take the exam in pairs

Maximum number of points: 30

Examination procedure:

  • Task 1 – presentation – about 5 minutes
  • Task 2 – conversation with the examiner about the presentation, professional career plans, topics covered during the language course and daily life

The oral exam is documented in a special protocol including presentation topic, questions and the number of points obtained by student

All components of the exam are compliant with the expected learning outcomes and the methods of assessment, which can be found in the appropriate course description for each language course and each level.

The student has passed an exam providing that they have achieved the score of more than 50% from all three parts of the exam, in compliance with the regulation that student has to achieve all expected learning outcomes to get a credit.

Points obtained from all parts are summed up. The total number of points provides the basis for the exam result, which is at the same time the final result.

Student has to retake only this part of the exam, which they have not passed before.

Exams are graded according to the following scale:

  • Over 50% of the maximum number of points – (3.0) – satisfactory
  • Over 60% of the maximum number of points – (3.5) – satisfactory plus
  • Over 70% of the maximum number of points – (4.0) – good
  • Over 80% of the maximum number of points – (4.5) – good plus
  • Over 90% of the maximum number of points – (5.0) – very good

Student is eligible for an exemption from the exam, if they have an average grade of at least 4.5, calculated on the basis of a final grade from each semester, providing that no lower final grade than 4 (good) has ever been earned by student.

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