The procedure for reviewing the papers complies with the recommendations announced by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the publication "Best Practices in the procedures for reviewing scientific publications" (Warsaw, 2011).


Contributions to The Journal Biuletyn of Polish Society for Geometry and Engineering Graphics must report original research and will be subjected to review by referees at the discretion of the Scientific Board.


Associate editors are responsible for assessing the papers in context of their compliance with the Aims and the Scope of the Journal. In case the paper falls outside the Scope of the journal or it fails to meet the Guidelines for authors (in particular, the lack of respect for intellectual property rights) it shall be returned to the author.


After acceptance of the papers complying with the Aims and the Scope of the Journal the Editor-in-Chief selects two reviewers who are initially chosen by the responsible associate editor from among a group of professors and researchers responsible for a particular subject. The reviewers must guarantee the independence of opinion, no conflict of interest, the lack of personal and business relationship with the author(s) of the paper.


Reviewing procedure will be conducted in accordance with a system of a single-blind peer review process. The reviewers know the identity of the authors but the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers. Reviewers keep the peer review process confidential.


Reviewers make all reasonable effort to submit their report and recommendation in a timely manner, informing the editor if this is not possible. The review must be submitted on a special Review Form that has been provided by the Editorial Board. The review must conclude with an official statement on acceptance or rejection of the paper from publication.


The authors are informed on the outcome of the review after removing the reviewers’ identity. The authors are obliged to refer to the reviewing opinions and return the revised manuscript to the Editor.


In case the paper requires substantial improvements and after having addressed the reviewers’ comments the manuscript must be timely submitted to the Editors and it will be sent to the same reviewers.


Indispensible condition to receive the acceptance for publication is that the paper has two clearly positive reviews.


In case of any doubts, the Editorial Board reserves the right to appoint an additional reviewer.


The list of reviewers will be published on the Journal’s homepage one time in a year.


The Board of Editors accepts the procedure of publishing both the post-publication reviews and all the submitted comments and discussions together with the author’s comments and responses to critical opinions.

made by Piotr Dudzik